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Pregnant and on citalopram

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Lizziedoll Mon 28-Nov-16 10:10:04

Hi everyone I found out I was pg yesterday (about 4 weeks), this is my second pg, I miscarried my first at 6 weeks in July so this would be my first baby.
I'm on 20mg of citalopram for anxiety and depressionand my GP wants to see me tomorrow to try and switch me to something "safer". She initially sounded like she wanted me to stop taking antidepressants altogether but I said that wasn't an option for me right now as I don't need added stress to an already happy (but very stressful) situation.
My question is this: is anyone else pregnant and on citalopram (or other antidepressants) or have been pregnant and on them, what was the outcome?
What I've read online is really confusing, some think it's fine, some absolutely not.
Apparently they can cause birth defects like heart problems and I don't want my baby to be ill because of me but at the same time I need to look after my mental health too.
Thank you

GreedyDuck Mon 28-Nov-16 10:41:06

I know several people who have taken Citalopram throughout and been absolutely fine. I stopped as I was on such a low dosage (10mg) and actually felt a lot happier and calmer when I was pregnant, but if I hadn't I would've been happy to continue because I knew it worked for me.

arbrighton Mon 28-Nov-16 14:48:04

I'm on sertraline and currently, Dr and I think it's best to try and stop taking it on the balance of cost vs benefit BUT if my anxiety level becomes an issue, we'll reconsider

swinkle Mon 28-Nov-16 14:55:03

I'm not taking it right now but have in the past. I'm 9 weeks pregnant at the moment and had my first appointment with the midwife last week, and she told me specifically that should I need to start taking it during the pregnancy it will be safe, that lots of women do. She said effects of anxiety and depression may be more harmful for the baby than taking citalopram would be, so I wouldn't worry smile

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