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Am I pregnant

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Jenny1997 Mon 28-Nov-16 07:47:03

Hi I'm 6 days late and am normally very regular! I have very sensitive and enlarged breasts but keep getting really bad cramps in my tummy. (I don't normally get any pain with periods just a bit of bloating and uncomfort) I think I'm going to get a cheap test today just wandered what people's thoughts were! Can anyone help?

pinkieandperkie Mon 28-Nov-16 07:53:47

You need to do a test as that will tell you for sure. I hope that you get the result you want.

Jenny1997 Mon 28-Nov-16 08:09:22

Both my partner and I want a baby but not sure how my family will react! They are very old fashioned and struggled to come to terms with us living together before marriage let alone having a baby! It's the o to thing putting me off finding out!

PurpleDaisies Mon 28-Nov-16 08:11:40

There's no point putting off finding out. confused
If you're pregnant you need to know so you can decide what to do. No one on here can tell you if you are or not. Do a test.

Jenny1997 Mon 28-Nov-16 08:24:31

Does the rest you buy make any difference? In the past we used clear blue but there much more expensive than Tesco own brand?

arbrighton Mon 28-Nov-16 09:04:31

I've used whatever fairly cheap one was in the coop. Worked....

clarr Mon 28-Nov-16 09:36:01

At 6 days late any test should do it, imo.

Jenny1997 Mon 28-Nov-16 18:20:20

So I'm pregnant!?!? What's next? (Apart from celebrating)

ConvincingLiar Mon 28-Nov-16 18:38:07

Celebrating without booze, checking food guidelines on NHS, taking folic acid and some vitamins, and ringing your GP surgery to find out what the local procedure is. Don't just book a GP appointment, you might need to go straight to the midwife.

ConvincingLiar Mon 28-Nov-16 18:38:20


clarr Mon 28-Nov-16 20:41:13

Congratulations!! As pp said, get some folic acid ASAP if you haven't already, that is number 1.

Jenny1997 Mon 28-Nov-16 21:29:55

Will get some tomorrow! Going to try book to see the Gp Friday! So nervous! At 19 and 21 don't think the reaction isnt going to be great! But it's what we want! Unsure how to keep it secret over Christmas with the usual booze about!

ConvincingLiar Mon 28-Nov-16 22:58:09

There are GPs who will not thank you for making an appointment. You don't need them to confirm pregnancy so unless you have some complicating medical issues, check with the reception on what's supposed to happen.

Jenny1997 Tue 29-Nov-16 06:22:25

I've got to register as I moved house (about 4/5 months ago) so I think I've gotta have a health check anyways. Their website said they may put me straight in touch with a midwife tho!
When did you start telling people? Going to have to tell family before Christmas but worried it will get out.

Jenny1997 Tue 29-Nov-16 07:12:44

I'm also rather concerned as I'm in a lot of pain!

ConvincingLiar Tue 29-Nov-16 07:15:09

I think average is after the 12 week scan. Some people tell earlier, some later. For me I tell DH straight away, close family and friends at 12 weeks and then open about it after 20 weeks. I don't see the need to "announce" on Facebook or anything. A good test is tell people early only if you'd tell them about a miscarriage/serious problems. I didn't want to tell people about a miscarriage but I know some people need the support.

ConvincingLiar Tue 29-Nov-16 07:15:30

What kind of pain?

Jenny1997 Tue 29-Nov-16 07:27:05

I wouldn't want to tell anyone till 12 weeks but think Christmas is going to be the issue!

I have like bad period type pain twisting and turning and sometimes a stabbing pain.

Bethany0903 Tue 29-Nov-16 15:28:38

I had the exact same pains don't worry and I'm 15 weeks now and still have them every now and then! unless it gets really severe or you start bleeding I wouldn't worry, congratulations smile

sianihedgehog Tue 29-Nov-16 15:33:25

Most people don't tell anyone until 12 weeks, after their first scan, because as many as 1/4 pregnancies end in miscarriage before 12 weeks. I told everyone right away, and my first pregnancy did end in miscarriage, but I was so happy to have all my friends and family for support. And I was pregnant again the next month, and have a lovely little boy now, so it was only a blip on my road. It's up to you to decide if it'd be better to tell people now, or when things are a lot less likely to go wrong, and there's no right way to do it! smile

Jenny1997 Tue 29-Nov-16 15:47:22

I think I've got to! Otherwise someone's likely to poor me a drink with alcohol! My partners dad owns a pub and we're spending Christmas Day there everyone's got unlimited access to booze etc.
And my parents are just big boozys at christmas! So spending a few days after with them i don't want them to find out in the wrong way so I'm thinking about getting my mum some wool and knitting neadles in a box with a card says "you've less that 8 months so best get knitting" I'm only 19 and parents do agree with kids before marriage so want to lighten the mood a little!

SarahS2404 Tue 29-Nov-16 19:42:30

Congratulations Jenny! I found out I am pregnant yesterday too. grin

I'm unsure how to break the news but I love your idea of the wool and needles. X

MoodyOne Tue 29-Nov-16 20:19:20

Congratulations on the pregnancy grin
Could you say your on antibiotics around the Christmas period for a water infection so you can't drink ... that's what I told everyone my excuse was. X

olekauk Tue 29-Nov-16 20:26:48

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Jenny1997 Tue 29-Nov-16 20:59:44

Congrats to you too!

I'm so excited seeing the midwife a week tomorrow! I'll be 6 weeks according to online calculators!

Trying to slip into work that I'm eating healthy removing caffeine from my diet etc to sleep better 🙈

Water infection seems a common one! May use it for Christmas Day! My partners step mum is a huge blabber mouth! Told everyone about her sisters pregnancy (which resulted in misscarrage) so I wanna keep it as quiet as possible! My parents however would still encourage me to drink on antibiotics aha! Think I've got to be straight with them!

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