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Staying posifrickentive- Thread 13 for ladies pg after mc

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LynseyH Sat 26-Nov-16 17:50:40

And here we are at thread 13... we can do this smile

jpeg28 Sat 26-Nov-16 17:58:54

Place marking... thanks for setting it up Lynsey grin

doleritedinosaur Sat 26-Nov-16 18:03:03

Place marking, will catch up once DS has gone to bed.

Thanks Lynsey!

INeedNewShoes Sat 26-Nov-16 18:04:27

Just making sure I don't lose you all. Back later smile

Whatsername17 Sat 26-Nov-16 18:31:33

Yay, new thread! 32+1 today. The end is....well it still feels bloody ages away to be honest! Weighed myself today and I'm 1st5lb heavier than my pre pregnancy weight which isn't too bad considering little miss is 4lb4oz already!

Whatsername17 Sat 26-Nov-16 18:32:59

Oh and I keep dreaming she turns out to be a boy which is freaking me out!

emily86 Sat 26-Nov-16 19:09:59

Place marking.

And also, I'm having a meltdown. I stupidly googled risk of pregnancy with the type of uterus abnormality I have. 1 thing said 88% and another said 66%. I don't know why I did it, I really wish I hadn't. sad

Think I've had a bit too much time alone today.

LynseyH Sat 26-Nov-16 21:33:56

Back again, thank you everyone for your kind words. I certainly don't seem to have a quiet time of it at the moment but here's hoping for an uneventful last 11 weeks!
Good luck for those with scans this coming week, I hope all goes really well.
I'm sorry I can't remember who said they've been dated back a week (the downside of skipping from one thread to another) but I hope this is just a blip. I've seen so many people say the same only for baby to play catch up by the next scan. Fingers are firmly crossed for you.

Now 29+1 here and lots of "when are you due" comments coming at me now. I've no idea what weight I've gained and not planning to weigh myself! I was a bit gutted earlier as I found a gorgeous coat (only £28 too!!) But they only had a size 10, which would usually be perfect, or a 14 which was far too big. I really considered getting the 10 and just leaving it undone but that defeats the object of a winter coat :-/

Did pick up a few more vests and sleep suits though as they were very reasonably priced. I mentioned the other day how money is abit tight so a bargain is welcome right now!

XxBecxX Sun 27-Nov-16 09:17:31

Hay ladies place marking.

I had a 7wk scan with my little frank and they put me a week behind but I knew that he was conceived on the Boxing Day (we had stopped trying and had an argument xmas and dp slept drunkenly on the sofa, then slipped into bed the next day and we 'made up' lol)
I was so upset by the scan, I then went to the EPU at 11 weeks because I had pains and the sonographer said I was 12 weeks!
I knew the first scan was obviously wrong and if you keep your eye on what they are doing, some measure the CRL from the head to just past the bum and some do it within the baby so it's not fool proof xxxx

DoubleCarrick Sun 27-Nov-16 09:18:56

Just checking in. 34 weeks now and on the count down.

lynsey I reckon if you like the coat you should get it x

Miami81 Sun 27-Nov-16 10:08:13

Hi just checking in.
Thanks Lynsey and becs for positive stories/encouragement. Am trying to stay positive, there is a bean, it has a flicker, it is in the right place and the sac measures the same dates as the bean.
So that's all I know for now, can't drive myself mental for the week, just going to try and relax.
It may be that it turns out to be mc no.2, I am just turned 35 and in Scotland, does anyone know if nhs Scotland offer tests at that stage? If it happens I am going to really push for aspirin in next pregnancy, there is family history if pre-eclampsia which can be associated with Hughes apparently. Anyway thanks so much for all your kind thoughts. Have pulled myself together for today anyway.

INeedNewShoes Sun 27-Nov-16 10:38:07

Miami - you can ask your GP to run the antiphospholipid blood test for you (mine did for me). You can't have the test while you're pregnant though and you have to have two blood tests 12 weeks apart to get a valid result.

For the moment though, don't jump ahead. As others have said it could well be that you go for another scan and everything is just fine!

Popularcontrarian Sun 27-Nov-16 11:12:21

Miami hope you're keeping strong and hoping for the best for you.

I'm only after realising this thread exists now. I had a mc in Sept and am now 6+6 weeks. I'm constantly scrutinising everything and it's killing me. I go from being totally ok to a complete wreck.

Yesterday I did another test (don't ask why) and it came back really light. I freaked myself out but then read about this thing called the 'hook effect'. I then diluted my wee (sorry if tmi), did another test and it came back really dark again. How weird is that?! All day yesterday I was fine again and now this morning I'm worrying again. My boobs haven't gotten bigger at all and quite a bit of hair fell out in the shower this morning. I wish I didn't notice these things!

I've a scan on Friday so hopefully I can keep myself occupied/distracted until then.

fuzzywuzzy Sun 27-Nov-16 18:16:21

Miami could you just call your GP and ask if you could start baby aspirin anyway (if it puts your mind at rest)?

I was perscribed it but I had it ready anyway and my bloods came back negative for clotting disorders, however my consultant and the EPAU perscribed it anyway saying it also prevents pre-eclampsia and won't hurt the baby.

Fingers crossed for your follow up scans.

jaffacakes16 Sun 27-Nov-16 19:14:00

miami your gp may well do some bloods if you ask (I got some done after 2 mc) but prob won't give you asprin. If you're really worried you could go private the consultant will be much more willing to give you drugs than a Gp.

jaffacakes16 Sun 27-Nov-16 19:19:09

Has anyone had a positive experience of a practically non existent positive?. I got first positive a week ago but it's still barely non existent sad don't think I'm far enough on for hook so just hoping it's some sore of miracle baby not producing much hcg ....

MoonlightMojitos Sun 27-Nov-16 19:55:09

Thanks for new thread lynsey!

whatser that's really good weight gain! Bet it's a really neat little bump smile. The final stretch for you now!

miami hope it's all fine at next scan, fx for you. Like becs experience I had an early scan at 5 and a half weeks and going by that one I should have been 12+1 at my dating scan but was 13+2 so caught up 8 days by then! There can be a lot of difference at the beginning with such tiny measurements.

jaffa I did a few tests (first at 9dpo, the last when I was about 5 weeks) and it never got any darker so I just gave up as it was causing unnecessary stress. Everything has worked out fine smile. Have you done a digital? Maybe for your sanity you should stop testing and try and take it easy? How far are you now?

So I've told most people now but it makes me so anxious. When I tell anyone I get proper palpitations, feel sick etc from nerves. I'm over the first trimester bit and know the odds are in my favour now but I can't help thinking what if it all goes wrong and I have to tell everyone that knows, which is everyone now. A few people have commented that they don't understand why I don't enjoy telling people and that I should be excited... obviously I don't tell all these people it's because I'm just scared every day. I don't even know if it's just because of the mc before or not, obviously that hasn't helped, but I'm an anxious worrier anyway. If I could not tell anyone for as long as possible I think I would but they're going to find out eventually aren't they so might as well tell them. Urgh. Sorry for the down post but I just feel a bit crap today like I'll never stop worrying. I've had 4 scans already and each one makes me feel better for a day or two before I just worry again. I thought after the 12 week scan I'd start to relax but I haven't sad.

jpeg28 Sun 27-Nov-16 20:11:26

Moonlight I was and am still exactly the same! Although I'm much better now. I hated telling people I was pregnant and still haven't told that many people. After my 12 week scan my MIL kept wanting me to tell everyone I saw and I felt so anxious about it and wouldn't. It's easy for people to say enjoy it, they don't know what you've been through. It does get easier though I think and I'm now starting to get a little excited. Ordered my pram today and that made it seem a bit real!!

jaffa my tests were not dark for ages! I was an obsessive tester and had to stop! How many dpo are you? Can you get your GP to do bloods to put your mind at ease?

Whatsername17 Sun 27-Nov-16 20:18:43

My bump is actually quite large bit I've not gained weight anywhere with else. I think the closer it gets to Christmas the more real everything might feel. We got our Christmas stuff out of the attic today in preparation for Thursday and I couldn't help but feel a little sad. My mmc was diagnosed on the 23rd of December ladt year and after that I couldn't wait to get rid of everything that was Christmassy. I'm trying to stay positive and not dwell though.

MoonlightMojitos Sun 27-Nov-16 20:44:21

Aw whatser it's rubbish isn't it, I'm sorry that it happened at this time of year too. Not that it makes it any easier or harder obviously depending on when it happens but I have similar in that my dad passed away in December 3 years ago this Christmas and it's an extra reminder isn't it. Takes a bit of happiness away from a time of year when everyone else is so happy and oblivious. At least you have this bump this time along and getting so close now!

Thanks jpeg it's just so rubbish that it takes away so much of the excitement of it all. I've only told people because of the time of year and not drinking when everyone knows how much I love a few glasses of wine they would all be guessing anyway otherwise definately would have waited. What pram did you go for?!

INeedNewShoes Sun 27-Nov-16 21:03:53

Moonlight - I feel exactly the same about telling people. All of my family and all my close friends know now but everyone I've told I've reminded that I'm a high-risk pregnancy and thus very cautious about things. I hate it when people get excited for me!

I've told my immediate team at work but with a request that it is not to be public knowledge yet; not before my 20-week scan on the 22nd of December. I'm actually wondering if I might manage to wait until after Christmas to tell colleagues more generally. I'll be 24 weeks by then, but my last day in the office is only three weeks away now and its not that obvious if I wear the right clothes.

jaffacakes16 Sun 27-Nov-16 22:09:14

moonlight I'm only 4&? (Officially 5 &3 but know I ovulated late) I tested really early as i had to start drug treatment ASAP this time and it's just making it drag so slowly knowing early. Try not to stress about telling people just remind yourself you've made it this far so things are looking good, try not to dwell on things that might not happen. (Oh I wish I could practice what I preach!)

jpeg I'm getting scanned this week as I'm high risk so should know either way then. Last 2 times my tests were darker than this so think I have that in my head this time, and my lack of sore boobs isn't helping.

jpeg28 Mon 28-Nov-16 08:25:50

Moonlight I went for a Joolz Geo in parrot blue! I have looked at so many and did like so many others as well but my OH has loved the Joolz from the start, so we went for it!

jaffa good luck for your scan. The test does not mean it's not good news, some tests are just not as good! And I honestly had a squinter of a line for so long!. I'm sat in the waiting room now and I cannot believe how nervous my OH is. He won't even talk about it!

fuzzywuzzy Mon 28-Nov-16 11:20:53

Jpeg I'd never heard of that make before.

Has everyone else considered prams?

I was thinking of the Silvercross Reflex with baby pack as I use public transport a lot.

I love browsing baby stuff, haven't bought anything yet, MIL is itching to start shopping, I've asked her to not right now as it's so uncertain. We may be running around doing an essentials shop when I go into labour I'm that scared.

Shrimpymummy Mon 28-Nov-16 11:36:44

Hello! Haven't really been engaging, preferring to quietly stress out on my own, but 12 week scan went well this morning (at the second attempt as we were a day too early to get useful measurements a fortnight ago) so now 13+2. Feeling relieved, but not as relieved as I'd hoped and still aiming to put off telling anyone as long as possible. I guess the next milestone which will hopefully help to reassure a bit will be starting to feel movements but that seems ages away yet.

Good luck to everyone else waiting for scans, keeping everything crossed for you

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