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Anyone and reduced fluid at around 34 weeks?

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Nikki2ol6 Fri 25-Nov-16 10:28:27

I told my midwife when I lay down I can see the outline of my baby so she asked me to
Lay down and she agreed and rang the hospital and booked me a scan in 3 days and told them on the phone she can almost count his toes.... why might I have reduced fluid and is it dangerous?

chloechloe Fri 25-Nov-16 13:28:46

It's just one of those things that happens - I had it in my first pregnancy and I'm now 35w with my second and have low amniotic fluid again according to an US this week.

I assume the midwife did a CTG as well so she knew that all was ok with the baby? If she were really worried, she would have sent you straight to the hospital rather than booking a scan in a few days.

From what the Drs have told me it is only a concern if the baby starts to get distressed or stops growing as a result. In my case I was induced at 40+5 as it would have been risky to let me go any more overdue as the fluid was so low.

It's something that can be monitored quite easily by US so try not to worry - you're in good hands now that it's been picked up!

Nikki2ol6 Sat 26-Nov-16 12:42:14

So did you notice you had it? Like did you get any unusual signs? As my bump feels tiny and it's all lumpy rather than round but he still gets a lot of hiccups so I assume there is fluid still

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