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Just lost job due to Pelvic girdle pain...

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user1480012860 Thu 24-Nov-16 18:44:12

I am an agency worker, i have been doing work for a company for 6 weeks, they seemed to like me, until they started telling my employers that they were getting annoyed with me for getting time off for anti natal appointments. For the last week i have struggled going to work, i have been diagnosed with SPD or ' Pelvic girdle pain' . It puts me in agony literally to the point where i am crying or can barely walk. I had a day off to attend an anti natal appointment and go to the doctors, the docs wanted to sign me off but i declined and said i need to go to work, i need the money. Later on that day i asked my employer if i could have the rest of the week off ( thursday, friday) to rest as doc instructed, and i would return to normal duties monday ( although i know i wouldnt be feeling better ). My employer told me that if i didn't go back in to work this afternoon that i would loose my job. They said i have been unreliable because of pregnancy related illnesses / anti natal appointments. Sooooo as of now i am unemployed. Have my employers done anything wrong ? Am i entitled to anything as i am an agency worker... ?

LazyBeetroot Thu 24-Nov-16 18:57:45

Hopefully someone will be along soon with some legal advice as I don't know where you stand legally. Employers are meant to give you time off for antenatal appointments though. I do know how painful pgp is though and had time off in both my previous pregnancies, culminating in starting maternity leave very early, so you have my sympathy. It's good that you have the support of your gp. I'd be tempted to go back and get a sick note anyway, just to validate your inability to work, although I don't know if that would change things with your employer. It doesn't sound right that they should just be able to sack you for illness. In fact this says they can't discriminate against you for being pregnant:
I hope someone comes along who can offer more useful advice than me, but I wanted to reply as I don't envy you having to deal with this on top of the pain.

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