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Nasal bone on a 10 week scan- good sign?

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goldenrachita Thu 24-Nov-16 17:44:25

I'm pregnant for the first time aged 41, no risk factors for chromosome problems other than my age.

I'm paying for a Harmony test privately and get the results next week. Before they take the blood they do a scan, and mine was today at 10 weeks, 1 day. The sonographer commented on my baby's nose being very visible and I am sure I saw it on the scan. Great heartbeat and lots of movement too. Maybe I'm just scouting around for positives, but is the sighting of a nose so early a promising sign that the baby probably doesn't have Down Syndrome? I know nothing's definite but is it encouraging, do you think?
BTW: We are both Caucasian (me: European /him: Indian) with reasonably prominent noses!

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