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Anyone else 34 weeks and baby movements feel different and faint?

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Nikki2ol6 Thu 24-Nov-16 12:51:05

For 2-3 days my baby's movements are no longer like he's having a party in there they are quite slow and sluggish. He's still moving but I have to really concentrate to feel them. Anyone else?

OrianaBanana Thu 24-Nov-16 12:52:00

This did happen sometimes but please call your hospital and get this checked out, they don't mind and it will put your mind at rest. x

Nikki2ol6 Thu 24-Nov-16 12:53:22

I did ring them and they said any movement is a movement and this isn't a cause for concern confused x

AidingAndAbetting Thu 24-Nov-16 12:53:44

Hi, I'm not pregnant but the advice is to call your midwife/delivery suite for guidance if you notice that your baby's pattern of movement has noticeably changed. Best to get these things checked by a medical professional.

Hope everything is ok.

OrianaBanana Thu 24-Nov-16 13:04:24

Hmm well I'd keep an eye - movements do change from kicks to sort of rolling/stretching as space runs out but do keep an eye on it x

Nikki2ol6 Thu 24-Nov-16 13:06:50

I will deffinetly. It's very odd x

SleepFreeZone Thu 24-Nov-16 13:07:56

Just go in and get monitored for peace of mind. If you ring the labour ward directly they will just ask you to come in xx

DoubleCarrick Thu 24-Nov-16 13:13:50

It's good to get it checked out but I'm pretty sure I read that at this stage movements can become sluggish, etc because baby is starting to run out of room. I'm nearly 34 weeks and get more pushing than kicking these days. Also wonder whether your baby may have turned front to back rather than back to back?

But if in doubt, get checked

3luckystars Thu 24-Nov-16 13:15:24

Get it checked out. Good luck.

GlitterGlue Thu 24-Nov-16 13:15:26

Please call again and tell that that you've had a significant change in movement and need to be checked out. It might just be the baby has changed position, but at least then you'll know, and they can take appropriate steps if there is an issue.

guiltypleasureJK Thu 24-Nov-16 13:19:14

I had the same. I stopped feeling kicks and just started feeling pushing movements and pressure instead. They wouldn't see me as any movement is classed as movement apparently. Luckily all was fine for me. I did lie down for an hour away and count movements tho just to be sure.

guiltypleasureJK Thu 24-Nov-16 13:19:45

A day, not away.

originaldoozy Thu 24-Nov-16 13:29:42

Please go and get monitored. I had reduced movements (note the 'reduced' and not stopped) and monitoring showed that babies heart rate was on the low side. This was on a Tuesday. They booked me in for an induction on the Saturday and I had daily monitoring until then. When he was born on the Saturday he had 3 knots in his umbilical cord and it was wrapped around his neck twice.

He was absolutely fine thank god but this was obviously why he went from being very very active to not so active .. he literally tied himself in knots and started cutting off the bloodflow.

I would not accept that any movement is movement. They should monitor you on any CHANGE in movement patterns.

Alb1 Thu 24-Nov-16 13:36:14

Phone them back and insist to go in, explain there's been a change in movements, it probably is normal but it's deffiently not worth the risk. In my case this happened and I didn't phone back, turned out my baby's heartrate was very high and the baby was very poorly, we were an incredibly rare case but better safe than sorry

CrazyGreyhoundLady Thu 24-Nov-16 13:52:45

My hospital and midwives stated any change in movements should be investigated. My DD2 did exactly what you have described twice and both times I was rushed in for monitoring.
It's probably just one of those things (it was with dd, she's fine and a month old now) but it's better to be safe.
Phone and say you have "reduced fetal movement" and explain its been going on for days and you are worrying. They should see you! Don't take no as an answer, keep pestering them, also if it was the hospital you phoned and got no joy try your midwife. They can refer you to the hospital then the hospital can't say no!
flowers I know its scary, try to stay calm but be firm with them, chances are it's nothing but you being stressed isn't good for either of you

GlitterGlue Thu 24-Nov-16 14:02:00

Just to emphasise how important it is that reduced movement is investigated, it's estimated that around two out of three stillbirths could be prevented if reduced foetal movements were properly investigated.

It probably isn't anything to worry about, but better safe than sorry.

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