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How much rib pain is normal?

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Tinks177 Thu 24-Nov-16 09:31:11

I am 35+1. For the past 5 weeks I have had extreme rib pain. It began in my back, on the left, halfway up my rib cage, and quickly spread to the front, bottom left of my ribs too. The pain in my back is a constant dull ache, whereas the pain in the front more of a burning sensation. There is visible swelling around my rib cage.

The pain is constant and so intense it's making me sick.

I've spoke to both my midwife and GP about this but they both brushed it off.

I've tried a hot water bottle, paracetamol, massage, heat pads and a deep freeze gel that is suitable for pregnancy. I've tried different stretches that I've found online and also bought a birthing ball to lean over. Nothing is helping at all.

My bump is quite low now and I've only had a couple of rib kicks.

I expected some level of rib pain but I am just wondering whether this much pain is normal? If there's anything anyone can suggest to help I would really appreciate it.

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