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achy painy hips!

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kirstymtaylor88 Wed 23-Nov-16 23:53:15

im 17 weeks today and over the past few weeks ive been struggling to walk after ive been in work due to pain. It usually starts in my bottom (haha) this can alternate between the two buttocks and goes to my hips and back, can lead to a massive limp or my legs buckling if i stand up after sittig for two long. It also leads to ridiculous pain when im rolling over in bed. I cant really avoid being on my feet all day in work, im the deputy manager of an emi elderly care home!I do try and do my paper work sitting down and try to take breaks as often as I can (its very hard when anything that happens with a service user I need to deal with) haha I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this and what they did to ease it? Paracetamol appears to have no affect whatsoever and im scared its only going to get more painful and restrictive as I get bigger!! I p got a support belt from ebay....this seems to just irritate me/put pressure on my stomache when it rides up and ends up off after about an hour haha!! (perhaps there are other types someone could recommend?)

thanks you
kirsty smile

Rinceoir Thu 24-Nov-16 00:02:55

Have you see physio? It really helped me, started at around 16weeks for me also.

kirstyt88 Tue 10-Jan-17 23:28:43

Hi I've just had midwife and she referred me to physio because of pgp, it's where your pelvis relaxes too much I think and I have the same symptoms as you! Very painful and sometimes immobilises me, I'm 23 weeks and have had it since about 15 weeks! Speak to your midwife she should be able to help as apparently it can get worse as you get bigger. She advised me to put pillows between my knees in bed and take it easy (easier said than done sometimes though eh) haha hope you feel better soon xx

Jojo13 Wed 11-Jan-17 10:12:18

I've had terrible pain in my bum which was initially diagnosed as sciatica but on seeing a physio they've told me it is a problem with the joint in my pelvis.
I've been wearing a (really attractive!) support belt and it definitely seems to be making things a bit easier as it's stopping the pelvic joint moving around so much.
Would be worth getting referred to a physio or even going to a private one if you can't wait to get a proper diagnosis. Good luck.

phoebe2016 Wed 11-Jan-17 15:10:36

Hi Kirsty. I am also having severe pain but mine is located in the hip joints and starts within 30 mins of going to bed, it's terrible, has been waking me up about every 45 mins throughout the night and i have been crippled in the morning when i get up. By md morning it starts to ease off, due to being more mobile. Doctor said it's due to hormones causing joints and muscles to relax and will not improve until after baby is born. Initially he prescribed Dihydrocodeine but that wasn't helping at all, so now I have been given Co-codamol. I take it before bed and it just helps to take the edge off enough to sleep for a couple of hours before the pain wakes me and i have to turn over again. It's a looooong night, every night! Your doctor should be able to prescribe you a better painkiller and physio may help you too. Yours sounds like SPD, which tends to get worse as the pregnancy progresses.

I am 17wks today smile

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