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Very Light Spotting for 4 days, no period... help!

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smdrums Wed 23-Nov-16 06:10:50

I'm having a little issue... I have been spotting for 4 days... VERY lightly pinky...then it dissapears, then i spot very lightly again.. then spotting dissapears again... but full period has not come.

I had unprotected sex on Nov 6, 2016 for like 4 mins and stopped because it was hurting me since I was not in the mood, so my boyfriend had no ejaculation that day.

I suspect I was ovulating during that time, but he did not ejaculate, and he sayd he did pee two times beforehand... so I don't know if precum can do something in here.

My last 5 periods were on Oct 21, Sept 22, Aug 24, Jul 25 & Jun 22.

My last two periods were 29 days, but i had periods up to 35-36 days... so i don't know if i'm late this month, or pregnant since i'm only spotting? and i'm worried it may be implantation bleeding?

What do you think? When is best to take a preg. test??? Can i take it now or should I wait for a better accurate result?

I really little scared since this is something new to me. btw i'm 26 years old.


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