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Blasted Insomnia

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sksk Tue 22-Nov-16 04:09:11

Just feeling the need to rant. Had it with my first from day one (child is a very poor sleeper) and am getting it now at 20 weeks. And it does not prepare you for the sleepless days, nights and years ahead; I think it just made everything so much worse- healing after the birth, post natal depression, weakened body/mind in general etc. Thought I had escaped it this time as I felt so worn out all the time but now I am worn out and can't sleep. So much for feeling good in the second trimester. I really don't need this!

TeddyIsaHe Tue 22-Nov-16 07:18:23

Argh does it not prepare you?! I was (probably naively) thinking "oh, don't worry about not sleeping, it's all practice!"

I've been up since 4am, my partner was snoring like a honking buffoon. I didn't smother him but it was tempting. Even if he doesn't snore I find I'm averaging 3-5 hours a night confused only 7 weeks till my due date.

I really hope you start feeling a bit better though, there is nothing worse than feeling completely rubbish. Letting it all put on here does help though!

sksk Tue 22-Nov-16 15:29:42

It was a pointless rant, really. I've got awful pain in my back from pregnancy too and I'm only halfway there! Our house is an absolute tip and I really want to get things sorted for when the baby arrives. Won't be doing any of it if things continue like this. Grrr!

Trulyamnearanear Tue 22-Nov-16 20:46:24

I need to rant too. I've got another cough in what seems to have been a constant stream since cold season. When I cough my whole bump aches and I need to pee again. I fear no sleep tonight and a full day of work tomorrow sad

sksk Tue 22-Nov-16 21:18:24

Sorry to hear that trulyamnear. Do you have any saline spray for your nose in case you're getting a post nasal drip? Colds in pregnancy are extra rotten. How on earth did our grandmothers do it?!

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