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Omega 3 -last month

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Saku Tue 22-Nov-16 02:30:12

Hi everyone. I am due in new year first week ...
I am thinking to take omega 3 .. It is written that it is safe for pregnant and breastfeeding ... No vitamin A ..but it is fish oil confused
I am thinking to take this brand shown in pic.

Still just curiosity ..want to know is any one else is on omega 3 supplements and what trimester you are in??????? hmm

whycanineverthinkofausername Tue 22-Nov-16 02:33:33

I'm also curious about this too!

Saku Tue 22-Nov-16 09:07:58

Thanks whycanineverthinkofausername for showing interest..
Is any one out there taking Omega 3 supplements ??

TwoDogs9 Tue 22-Nov-16 09:58:31

Yes, i've taken a fish oil (NOT cod liver) supplement throughout my pregnancy. I was under the impression that omega oils are very important during pregnancy.

Saku Tue 22-Nov-16 21:46:57

Thanks TwoDogs9 .. yes I also read some articles how baby brain and motor skills are affected by Omega 3... Thats why I am considering them..

This bottle also says its fish oil.... thanks for assurance .. smile

Badgerbird Tue 22-Nov-16 21:53:40

Yes I take omega 3 oils, really important in my opinion. Just into 2nd trimester, I take something called Opti 3 from seaweeed as I'm veggie.

From what I've heard it's best to take whole body fish oil and not cod liver so those sound good smile and it's quite a good brand I think. Great for brain function for us and the little one and for warding off depression smile

Saku Tue 22-Nov-16 23:16:56

Thanks Badgerbird for sharing your views chocolate

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