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Can I be pregnant

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Lauren112233 Mon 21-Nov-16 22:07:00

I've had my first natural period after coming off the pill. I bought some ovulation sticks and we had sex 4 days before a positive ovulation test and one day after (did an ovulation test on this day too and was still positive) that was 5 days ago. I have really tender breasts and have had the odd cramping pain. My period isn't due for another 8 days. Could I be pregnant? Thank you ☺️

NickNacks Mon 21-Nov-16 22:10:30

Yes you could. Anyone could be. But obviously no one can possible know if you are so not sure what you expect anyone to say.

Lauren112233 Mon 21-Nov-16 22:22:04

Sorry was just asking because I can't do a test yet. And wondering. Sorry

SarahOoo Mon 21-Nov-16 22:27:08

Signs for pregnancy and your period are very similar annoyingly! Whatever you do, don't test until AFTER you miss your period! Best of luck!

Lauren112233 Mon 21-Nov-16 22:28:52

Thank you. So confusing after years on the pill never had any period symptoms so feel different but unsure wether this is natural period symptoms or pregnancy even though would be so early! Thanks for your reply!

CatRash Tue 22-Nov-16 13:48:56

Hi Lauren, I was odd the contraceptive injection for over 11 years so, like you, couldn't really remember what was normal PMS symptoms and what were pregnancy symptoms - I got my BFP last week on my second cycle off the injection.

I had sore boobs and mild cramping, but I got that before my last period too. I got a few extra symptoms this time though including excema on my hands (last time I broke out in excema on my hands was a week before I came down with tonsillitis), back ache, joint ache and my cat became extra clingy!

However back ache and joint ache can also be PMS symptoms!

Also my cervix stayed really high (most the time out of reach).

It's hard but try not to symptom spot too much but it might be worth making a note of what symptoms you are getting so during your next cycle you can compare to what is normal for you.

Best of luck and I hope you get your BFP soon!! X

JenLindleyShitMom Tue 22-Nov-16 13:51:00

If you're female and have had sex then yes you could be pregnant. No-one can tell you yes or no.

Lauren112233 Wed 23-Nov-16 07:51:17

Thank you CatRash.
I've worked out I can do a test next week. So not much I can do in the meantime!

PotteringAlong Wed 23-Nov-16 07:53:11

If your period isn't due for 8 days don't do a test next week - do one in 9 days when your period is late.

Inthenick Wed 23-Nov-16 07:55:22

Could be either to be honest. Without the pill your period symptoms might be worse. You may be pregnant. There is no way of knowing which.

Lauren112233 Wed 23-Nov-16 08:03:24

Thank you. All new to this! And new to 'period' symptoms 😬 Fingers crossed

Lauren112233 Mon 28-Nov-16 08:37:25

Tried a test strip this morn and.....
So faint but there is a line !!!
Looks a little darker in real life! 10/11DPO today.

WhereTheFuckIsMyFuckingCoat Mon 28-Nov-16 08:40:53

Looks +v to me smile

Lauren112233 Mon 28-Nov-16 08:43:00

I really don't know what to think!
Some people have mentioned about evaporation lines ! So I need to get a clear blue ASAP!
I've done these before and definitely never had a line!

pilkio Mon 28-Nov-16 08:51:14

That's positive. Congrats smile x

pilkio Mon 28-Nov-16 08:51:57

I would try a first response 6 days earlier.

Lauren112233 Mon 28-Nov-16 08:57:15

Ah thank you!!!
I'll do it tomorrow and report back!
Such a strange feeling thinking it might be real!
Thank you

LikeaSnowflake Mon 28-Nov-16 09:06:16

Looks like a positive to me. Good luck

hesterton Mon 28-Nov-16 09:12:49

I do hope it is exactly what you want it to OP cakebrew

Lauren112233 Mon 28-Nov-16 09:17:40

Thank you for your replys! 😆😆

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