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Chance of being pregnant again? Or something wrong?

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RebeccaB16 Mon 21-Nov-16 11:54:33

Hi everyone, looking for a bit of advice from fellow mums. I am a mum of 2 boys, 5 & nearly 1.
I have just been to the doctors and advised to get a pregnancy test to be able to see results before going back on Friday for an internal examination but I'm a little bit unsure as to being pregnant but potentially something wrong.
I've been experiencing menstrual & pregnancy symptoms now for around 6-8 weeks and in the last 6 weeks I've had 3/4 separate occasions of spotting like bleeding, of a browny pink tinge. I get light cramps too.
I could have one spot one day.. then nothing then another the day after and some more day after then nothing for about 1.5/2 weeks.
I was on the mini pill, cerezette which I had to come off due to it making me quite poorly.
And I had a normal period then 2 weeks later this started happening.. and I'd say this has been really going on for around 3 months!
The doctor has asked me to go do a pregnancy test which I'll be purchasing one later but I feel like I may have something more than pregnancy. I'm back on Friday for an internal examination just incase but wondering if anyone else has experienced this after children?
Please don't bash me, as I've always known when pregnant before as bleeding stopped straight away and certain foods and smells triggered!
Thank you in advance.

RebeccaB16 Mon 21-Nov-16 11:57:18

To add.. I have no pain passing urine or stools. But toilet trips have been more regular.
I am also on healthy eating/weightloss but now struggling to get my jeans on sad
Bloated up and feeling a bit heavy and bleugh.
I'm just wondering if infection or something more serious?

Nikki2ol6 Mon 21-Nov-16 12:28:57

It could be a pregnancy it could be an infection or it could be your hormones are messed up from the pill. Take a test as soon as you can to rule out a pregnancy and of course people think the worst when they start spotting for no reason but these things are very rare and it's much more chance of being a pregnancy infection or hormones

GinIsIn Mon 21-Nov-16 12:35:50

It could be the pill - cerezette caused me to have nigh on constant spotting when I was on it and took weeks to clear my system

Dixiechick17 Mon 21-Nov-16 12:54:51

I didn't get on with cezerrete and experienced similar, I was worried due to an abnormal smear and treatment I'd had previously but was referred to a consultant and had a colposcopy and scan, all was fine. I am now on the combined pill and all back to normal.

RebeccaB16 Mon 21-Nov-16 17:48:57

Thank you for your replies! I have done a test and can cancel out pregnancy as came back negative which is quite a relief. So now it's onto have checks on Friday. They have said they'll want to try me on alternative contraception aswell so I'm hoping this stops soon as I absolutely hate the uncertainty of what may be wrong.
I'm glad I'm not the only one having problems with cerezette!

PenguinsandPebbles Mon 21-Nov-16 17:56:42

Cerezette is evil stuff imo

I went onto it given my age and caused me so many problems, massive weight gain, not understanding what the hell was going on with my body, spotting, cramps from hell, no periods for three months was the least of my worries.

It made me severely depressed, and I understand it is rare but I was close to suicidal, I was awful just awful to my partner he could do nothing right. it's only because I have an incredibly supportive partner that I managed to get off it and back to normal, i couldn't see it at all. When I searched afterwards I discovered so many women experienced the same thing.

I was fine within a few weeks of stopping it and back to normal cycles very quickly.

Hopefully once you change the pill your bounce back to your normal self.

RebeccaB16 Sat 26-Nov-16 20:36:01

I've had severe depression and things.. but I'm 4months off it with spotting.
I was tested for infection but they did it as a precaution but they're certain there's nothing.
I'm in for blood tests on Friday for thyroid.
My weight gain since having my 2nd is crazy! And I'm healthy eating and exercising and still struggling to lose weight!
I've been so down with all this! X

Anon1880 Sat 26-Nov-16 23:39:03

Hi could someone please reply to my thread I am only a young girl and really worried , I have cooper iud and think I could be pregnant sad thanks

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