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Need to get a grip

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Flowerydems Mon 21-Nov-16 11:30:50

Just need someone to tell me to get a grip, so embarrassed about this.

So I've got a few weeks left of work and I'm dealing with childish stupid things on a daily basis now and I'm actually letting all of this get to me. I had a panic last night at a message from a coworker when the information was based on gossip and wasn't even true.

I've just been diagnosed (after about 5 years) with serious depression and anxiety on top of having two dcs to run after. I just can't seem to focus on the pregnancy though, I've got spd, braxtons constantly, discharge that I'm starting to worry might be my waters and I can seem to focus on the looming arrival of the baby in 7 weeks

Can someone please give me some advice on how they find focus? I know I shouldn't be even bothering with the drama from work but my brain seems to choose to focus on that rather than the pregnancy, I mean I woke up this morning and forgot I was pregnant... just feel like I'm losing it.

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