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"Soft cervix" 1.5 CM dilated

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Libbywx Sun 20-Nov-16 19:18:11

Hey ladies,

Had to stay in hospital over night last night as I have a UTI. They kept me in over night because they thought it had started my labour (I'm 36 weeks) was experiencing contractions and on examination I was dilated to 1.5cm and my cervix was soft.

After two hours everything had stopped and I haven't had a thing since! Is it likely to start again soon or could I go full term? And as I'm slightly dilated is there chance of infection??

Nothing was explained so I'm left very confused! X

Dixiechick17 Sun 20-Nov-16 19:34:56

I had one around that time, not nice at all. No risk of infection unless your waters have broken. I was 1cm dilated for more than three weeks. Hope you feel better soon. flowers

Mummyme87 Sun 20-Nov-16 20:32:33

Risk of infection before waters break is 0.5% regardless of how dilated your cervix is

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