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Pregnancy with endometriosis

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hulkbuster Sun 20-Nov-16 13:53:37

I've name changed for this as I'm asking for a friend and my previous name could of been identifiable.
My friend has endometriosis and has recently found out she is pregnant she has been spotting for days and had cramping but not enough to warrant painkillers.
Would just like to know if this normal and what symptoms are common with endo in pregnancy. She's very worried that this means miscarriage and would like to hear some positive outcomes with the same kind of symptoms.
She is seeing an out of hours doctor later to hopefully see what's going on.

Flowerydems Sun 20-Nov-16 21:40:26

I have endo and this is my 3rd pregnancy. My first 2 pregnancies were fine but this one I had cramping and bleeding up til about 12 weeks. Best thing to do is call a midwife and ask for advice, everyone's endo is different the same as every pregnancy. I ended up getting an early scan at about 8 weeks and it turned out to be a small bleed near the baby and I'm now 29 weeks and everything is fine. Good luck and congrats to your friend

einalem1984 Sun 12-Feb-17 07:51:28

I have endo and found that pregnancy stopped my symptoms. I still had/have endo as there's no cure but whilst pregnant I just had pregnancy side effects none of the painful cramping.

MotherofKitties Sun 12-Feb-17 20:37:23

I have endro and currently 16 weeks with my first. I had bad bleeding and cramping from the moment I found out and initially thought we'd lost the baby as the first emergency scan we had showed no heartbeat. Fortunately, the second and third scans (9 and 12 weeks) showed a heartbeat and baby progressing normally.

It's scary and frightening, especially when part of you is amazed you got pregnant in the first place with endro. Tell you friend to stay calm and positive and hope it all works out for her flowers xx

LuckyTwiglet Wed 15-Feb-17 20:42:43

Hiya, how many weeks pregnant is your friend? I have endo and am 12 weeks pregnant. I have had a fair amount of spotting but two scans showed that the baby was fine. I don't know if the spotting was anything to do with the endo. It's very common for women to spot in early pregnancy. Your friend should get referred to the EPU by the doc. If it's not too early to see a heartbeat, that would be good. Once you see a heartbeat, the chance of miscarriage is massively reduced. Regarding endo and pregnancy, it used to be thought that endo just affected fertility and once pregnant there was no increased risk. Recent research though has shown this to be false. Women with endometriosis are at greater risk of both early pregnancy loss, and later pregnancy complications. Your friend should make sure she is referred by her midwife for consultant care as her pregnancy progresses so she is making the right decisions about , for example, where she wants to have her birth, and ensure that the people around her are aware of her medical history. This research is quite new and some midwives don't actually know about it yet. Sorry if this sounds alarmist - it's not meant to be, but you did ask for information. Many many women with endo have healthy pregnancies and there is no reason your friend should not be one of them.

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