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Tummy bug or something serious?

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PlinkPlonkPlunk Sun 20-Nov-16 13:31:21

I'm 20 weeks pregnant, and woke up yesterday with a sore tummy. As the day went on, I developed diarrhoea, and my tummy was very crampy. I vomited once, but haven't really felt sick other than that. Carried on having cramps during the night, but didn't need to run to the loo. I'm keeping small amounts of food down. Bit more diarrhoea today, tummy a bit crampy, but generally feeling better.

If I wasn't pregnant, I'd just put it down to a tummy bug (there are plenty going round) and think nothing else of it, but DH (who's a worrier anyway) is worried that it's something wrong with the pregnancy and I should get it checked out. I really think I just need rest, water and to stay warm; don't fancy going out to the hospital, potentially spreading the bug. I also think that if was something serious, it wouldn't be getting better on its own!

Anyone have any thoughts? Does any of this sound worrying?

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