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Rhesus O Neg spotting at 6 weeks anti-d not given?

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1sttimemummyedinburgh Sat 19-Nov-16 21:23:14

Hey I am pregnant with dc2 and have Rhesus negative blood. I have been spotting for a few days pink and brown. Early pregnancy unit said I do not need anti d until after 12 weeks. I have been reading that if this is not given it can cause a miscarriage. Anyone have any experience on this?


sweetchilli77 Sat 19-Nov-16 21:28:36

im resus neg too and bled at 11 week, didn't have anti D. I then bled at 13 and 15 week and had anti d both not exactly sure why its after 12 weeks though.

jobrum Sat 19-Nov-16 21:29:14

I am r neg, currently 19 weeks with second. I have never heard of the anti d being given so early. Had a spotting at 2 months-is and the mw said it was normal at my booking. My anti-d will be at 28 weeks, I think they give it if you've had a heavy fall and they find antibodies?

Threeboysandus Sat 19-Nov-16 21:30:06

I'm a midwife and in my unit, we only give after 12 weeks too. Hope you are ok X

BreatheDeep Sat 19-Nov-16 21:31:08

I think it's because the placenta hasn't formed and there is no chance of the bloods mixing. But I'm not 100% sure.

user1471469504 Sat 19-Nov-16 21:34:09

I think it's something to do with the placenta not developing until 12 weeks. I am thesis negative too and I had lots of bleeding at around 6 weeks, no suggestion of anti-d at all. And all was fine. Hope all goes well for you too.

1sttimemummyedinburgh Sun 20-Nov-16 13:31:14

Thank you all so much for the reassurance. I did find it odd that they didn't take blood to test for antibodies or hcg levels especially since I'm spotting and having pain. Fingers crossed all is well 😕 thanks again

arbrighton Sun 20-Nov-16 15:51:05

I'm not going to be given Anti D until 28 weeks (7 weeks now) but no problems to date. Fingers crossed it continues this way.

OP, try not to worry, midwives have lots of experience and guidelines

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