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first scan

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MrsMar Wed 14-Feb-07 12:12:10

Hello all, I'm currently 8+5 and I've just got the date through for my first scan, I'll be 11+6. The appointment letter says I don't need a full bladder for this scan, is it because it's an internal one? I'm not bothered about internal scans, but like to know what's going to happen... I don't have an booking in appointment yet, so I can't ask a m/w.

also... can I use canesten safely during early pregnancy? Got a raging case of thrush and I wondered if I could use the cream.

Thanks xx

LIZS Wed 14-Feb-07 12:14:31

By then an external one should be clear but if not they may do an internal.

WeaselMum Wed 14-Feb-07 12:15:36

normally for an internal they ask you to have an empty bladder

don't know about the canesten, sorry

DetentionGrrrl Wed 14-Feb-07 12:16:32

canesten is fine to use.

FurryFox Wed 14-Feb-07 12:20:18

Should be an external one at 11 weeks. Think some hospitals have more modern scanners now and so you don't need a full bladder.

As far as I know canesten is safe in pg, I used it and saw something about it the other day on the internet which said it is fine to use. Think it might just be the cream that is safe to use though and not the oral tablet you can get. I might be wrong though so would double check.

Maddison Wed 14-Feb-07 12:26:26

When I had scans for both ds's around this gestation, they were both external, and I expect I will have another external scan this time around (I'm about 10 weeks pg with no 3).

When will you see your mw?

Ceolas Wed 14-Feb-07 12:32:17

I went yesterday at 12+3 (external). The radiographer said a full bladder is not always necessary. Everyone's different apparently.

ShowOfHands Wed 14-Feb-07 12:36:46

Canesten cream is fine. The scan will almost certainly be external.

MrsMar Thu 15-Feb-07 19:36:40

Thanks for all your messages. Three weeks today to first scan and I can't wait!!!

I'm still waiting on my appointment with the midwife, I'm not sure if it's before or after the scan.

MrsTom Fri 16-Feb-07 11:42:02

I've got my first scan this afternoon! I'm 13+1 and it feels like it has been a lifetime to wait - my NHS Trust don't usually do the first scan until 14 weeks. I've been told to drink 3/4 pint of liquid just before my scan.

Slighly papping myself as my MS disappeared about 3 weeks ago and with this being my first baby, I'm imagining all sorts of scenarios - fingers crossed everything is okay

Juicylucytoo Fri 16-Feb-07 12:12:34

Hope everything goes ok with your scan Mrs Tom xx.

On the thrush front - highly recommend live yogurt directly on the "area". Feels disgusting, but will stop the itch almost immediately!

princesslolly Sat 17-Feb-07 23:05:54

I recently went for a nuchal scan and I was 12 weeks at this appointment and I did not need a full bladder. When the baby and your uterus is the size that it is at that stage it's not necessary for a full bladder with modern scanning equipment. It is not routine to do an internal scan at that stage so I am quite sure you are booked for a regular external scan. I actually had to have both an external and then an internal scan at my 12 week scan but only b/c the baby would not cooperate and move to a good position for the nuchal scan, so you may still need an internal scan for that reason when you go but it's not likely. Either way you do not need a full bladder, don't worry.

MrsFish Mon 19-Feb-07 09:40:32

I have my first scan on 13th March, I will be 11 weeks by then. I did not know about internal scans only ever had external ones, must depend on the area where you live. I had to have a full bladder for my last scan and I was exactly 12 weeks then, unfortunately I had missed miscarriaged at 8+6 only found out at the scan so am quite nervous this time round.

MrsTom, my ms stopped last week at 7 weeks, so like you am even more nervous because of that.

MrsTom Fri 23-Feb-07 17:15:22

Sorry for not coming back sooner - work have really clamped down on internet browsing!


MrTom and I had our first scan last Friday and IT WAS AMAZING!

Baby was wriggling around like mad and waving at us! The photo was amazing and they added a few days on to our dates. Baby is now due 19th August (not 25th as my dates suggested) so I am 15 weeks now on Sunday

It was the most magical feeling seeing our little baby up on the screen, especially when I was convinced they were going to tell me I wasn't pregnant and just imagining it.

Hope everyone elses scans go well x

Holly29 Fri 23-Feb-07 17:18:34

I'm so pleased for you and so damn pleased that you left this post, because this is exactly what I have been thinking - i.e. I am convinced they are going to tell me I have been making the whole thing up! I'm not showing yet and my sickness is getting a bit better and I am so nervous that the scan is going to be completely blank! But reading your post has made me feel a million times better. Thanks so much - and well done you.

MrsTom Fri 23-Feb-07 17:21:39

No doubt I will find something else to worry about now

You will be fine Holly - when is your scan?

Jamantha Fri 23-Feb-07 17:25:47

That's how I felt Holly. Although I'd had a positive test and had ms and sore boobs symptoms, I was very conscious that nobody had ever confirmed I was pg, all had just taken my word for it. I had 1st scan at 11+5 and was SO relieved to see the pictures - I wasn't making it up, I wasn't going to have to go round and apologise to my family that it'd all been a misunderstanding...

Hope all goes well with your scan.

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