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What is going on with my leg?

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Nikki2ol6 Sat 19-Nov-16 08:37:51

I began having some little aches in my lower back and assumed it's because I'm 33wks and my baby is moving down..... yesterday morning I felt OK and was shopping with my friend jjsy walking aroind when my back began to hurt again! By the time I got home the pain was in my lower back and down my left leg. I had a long bath which took the pain away so again I thought perhaps my baby was pushing on A nerve .
I woke up to pee and the pain was in my left hip and it was kind of on my bikini line but right down where my vagina is but only on that joint!!
If I try to move my legs apart to get it of bed it's agony!
Should I call mau ? Or wait to see my midwife in a few days?

DoubleCarrick Sat 19-Nov-16 08:41:15

There's never any harm in calling.

It could be nothing other than cramp or it could be a blood clot for all we know.

No one will mind you calling and will be able to decide if you need to be checked out

DoubleCarrick Sat 19-Nov-16 08:41:23

ps - hope you're ok

haveacupoftea Sat 19-Nov-16 09:11:29

Sounds like my friends description of SPD, but i have no idea really! Hopefully someone can advise you soon flowers

Pineappletastic Sat 19-Nov-16 09:41:07

Maybe 111/maternity triage to rule out something more serious, but it sounds like SPD for sure.

Try to keep your knees fist width apart, take some paracetamol, avoid lifting, twisting, walking very far, stairs, pushing shopping trolleys and hoovering. Baths will help, get a pregnancy pillow if you haven't already.

Speak to your midwife about physiotherapy referral, you should get a bump support and advise, plus physiotherapy if you need it (before or after birth).

And flowers SPD (or PGP as it's called now where I am) sucks.

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