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Advice on nursing bras

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boodles101 Fri 18-Nov-16 18:29:44

Talk to me about nursing bras! I'm currently 32+4 and aiming to breastfeed. I'm not naturally blessed in the boob department and was excited to gain some cleavage when I found out I was pregnant, only to find that they haven't really grown at all, just maybe fill out my current bras (32b) a bit better! Anyway, looking online and in h&m today, all the nursing bras seem to be much larger sizes.
What experience do you have with nursing bras? Do I really need them or can I just stick with my regular ones? Shall I wait til I'm actually breastfeeding to see what size I will need? Any smaller busted ladies with recommendations? Thanks

LaPharisienne Fri 18-Nov-16 18:31:28

You really need them if you breastfeed because they allow your to access your boob without taking your bra off first! Not about size, I don't think.

HappyHeart87 Fri 18-Nov-16 18:36:08

Your boobs will be bigger when you've had the baby & start feeding.

As pp said, it's really hard to bf in a normal bra so you will need one. I've also used Sainsbury's soft crop tops.

Anatidae Fri 18-Nov-16 18:38:05

Yes you need them
H and m ones are shit. I got a few hotmilk ones and they helped enormously- I'd been having a lot of breast pain and they really reduced it.

milkshakeandmonstermunch Fri 18-Nov-16 18:45:42

I can't speak for everyone but based on my experience:

Yes, you really really need them. Underwiring can block milk ducts and cause mastitis. Also, you'll be massively engorged from day 3 to around day 14 after your milk comes through and your breasts will be the size of your head. It is painful so choose large, plain bras as anything tight or fussy will feel unbearable. Buy LOTS of bras. You cannot have too many. Also, use maternity towels in your bra instead of nipple pads for the first couple of weeks. Nipple pads were useless to me so I soaked through them and the bra (and clothes, blankets etc).

After 2 weeks it is so much easier (it's lovely actually) but you will still have to wear a bra day and night even if it is just so you have something to put your pads in. It is uncomfortable to pull a breast out of a normal bra to feed so nursing bras are great as they unhook at the front so you can just pop one out.

Good luck!

JLoTheAstra Fri 18-Nov-16 18:46:03

Yes, you definitely need them. I love these from M&S - not exactly attractive but incredibly comfy and practical

Anatidae Fri 18-Nov-16 18:46:35

Yes you need them
H and m ones are shit. I got a few hotmilk ones and they helped enormously- I'd been having a lot of breast pain and they really reduced it.

milkshakeandmonstermunch Fri 18-Nov-16 18:47:12

Ps I've used my mothercare ones for 2 babies so far and they have lasted well (despite the daily wash and tumble dry).

MinisWin Fri 18-Nov-16 18:49:47

I'm probably quite similar to you, I'm a 32C on a good day, but not very full... I'm now breastfeeding and up to a substantial 32DD which seems to be a nigh-on impossible size to find to try on on the high street in a nursing bra - however Debenhams stock them and although they look monstrous they've been very comfortable and supportive. I bought a couple of the H&M microfibre soft bras which I wore in the first few days (size small), and now wear at night, and then went and bought the other ones when my boobs suddenly doubled in size on about day 4-5! I would wait and see.

srslylikeomg Fri 18-Nov-16 18:50:44

I love the bravado ones, they are good for small boobs although they are quite expensive. I think they are brill and wear them even now I'm not breastfeeding anymore smile

imcrackersme Fri 18-Nov-16 18:53:10

I recommend primark ones. They wash easily and are cheap.

cockermum85 Fri 18-Nov-16 18:55:29

How did you know when to buy your bras? I'm 25 weeks and like OP have only just filled my bras. When do you normally need to buy them so you know they'll fit when the baby has arrived?

boodles101 Fri 18-Nov-16 18:56:12

Oh that's great thanks so much for the replies. I'll check out some of the above recommendations and then see how I get on when the milk comes in!

Portobelly Fri 18-Nov-16 18:57:14

Yes you need them
Don't buy a lot now.
You'll need to be remeasure every few months.
Johnlewis is great
Don't go to m&s

In Hind sight I would have bought nursing bras instead of maternity bras, because then you'll have some that fit at different stages

Once you have settled into feeding you may find your boobs soften and don't fill up (but create it on demand?)
Hence the need for different sizes.

If you are going to flash your bra in public it probably will feel less indecent if the bra is plain and not lacy
My son is still bf at 23mo, and although I can wear my normal lingerie again flashing racy mesh and lace seems quite unbecoming, so I'm mostly in boring black stretch

boodles101 Fri 18-Nov-16 18:58:50

Didn't even realise primark did them either!

savagehk Fri 18-Nov-16 19:50:57

Have a look at bras4mums online. I liked mine enough that I wore them even after nursing! (I don't usually wear underwire.) I'm usually 34B, most nursing bras have extra hooks so doesn't matter too much if your ribs expand (mine did). I also had to sleep with a bra on to catch leaks in breast pads, so some seamless/stretchy ones are useful.

MamaLyon Fri 18-Nov-16 20:01:50

I wore sports bras for the first few weeks until ny supply was a bit more established. I then got some primark cheapies. I'm only a B (but have put on maternity leave weight) so have now ditched the bras and hardly wear one at all. Much easier to feed DD 7months.

sarahnova69 Fri 18-Nov-16 20:05:58

You're meant to get fitted for nursing bras about 36-37 weeks although a) they have to just estimate/allow an extra cup size for when your milk comes in, b) some people's ribs shrink down again faster than others, so if you really want to hedge your bets you can make do with soft crop tops for the first few weeks after the birth and get fitted then.

nennyrainbow Fri 18-Nov-16 20:06:24

I wore a 34b during my last pregnancy so a similar sort of size to you. Your breasts will swell up about 2-3 days after the birth when the milk comes in so you will probably want a bigger cup size then. If I were you I would probably look for one cup size bigger than you're wearing at the moment (32C). Buy them a few weeks before your due date, keep them in the box and keep the receipts. Then if they don't fit you can return or exchange them. Once feeding has established, you will find that they get slightly smaller again so don't buy too many in that size.
I am using Mothercare nursing bras which I have been using for over a year. I only have 2 - one to wash one to wear. I have never ever worn a feeding bra at night. I found I only leaked for the first few weeks so didn't bother with breast pads after that.

Applesauce29 Fri 18-Nov-16 20:13:24

Size can go up quite a bit when milk comes in. I went from 32a to 32c late pregnancy, to 32dd for breastfeeding.

Emma Jane plain cotton ones (from Jojo Maman Bebe) best for sleeping in imo, and Seraphine nighties.

Bravissimo do a small/ med/ large sized one that's like a sports bra but gives great access so good for wearing under awkward / tight tops. Elle McPhearson did some really pretty ones when I had my first - look on figleaves. M&S cotton ones are ok.

Applesauce29 Fri 18-Nov-16 20:15:28

Sorry Bravado was the one I got, not bravissimo.

sixandoot Fri 18-Nov-16 20:18:59

32B is a fairly unusual size. What band size and what cup size do you get if you follow the instructions and put your measurements in here

Difficultyear2015 Fri 18-Nov-16 21:02:07

Im a 32e and at just 11 weeks I bought my first maternity / nursing bra. I had to go up a back size as my ribs have expanded (I'm very short so the bloat and uterus doesn't have anywhere else to go)

I'm so glad I did as I'm so much more comfortable than squeezing th into the underwired bras I was spilling over.

I will gradually buy bigger as needed and hopefully that will hold me in good stead for the changing size and shape post birth

Neverknowing Fri 18-Nov-16 21:14:26

I'm the same op didn't gain anything during pregnancy and now I'm a D cup! Your boobs grow A LOT when your milk comes in smile

Serafinaaa Sat 19-Nov-16 15:00:02

You need some Bravado bodysilk seamless bras in a size Small. They are so comfortable and stretch to accommodate growing or shrinking! The cheapest place is a website called From here to Maternity. They are really helpful by phone or email too. £27 each (free postage) but worth every penny. I have five!

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