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Help and advice please x

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hayleyjones2701 Fri 18-Nov-16 16:39:32

Hi there,
I just wondered if anyone could give me any advice or tips since Sunday i have had server itching on my feet hands and face i went in to my local maternity unit and had the blood tests for OC and they came back normal I then went back to the hospital for check up and tild the midwife i was still very itchy and they repeated the blood test and said it was still normal but slightly raised compared to the results on sunday and that if i was still itching by today when i went for another appointment that i should tell the midwife and they would do the blood test again! So im still extremely itchy and i have told the midwife and had the blood test again and the results have come back normal again infact ahe said they were better than the other results from sunday and tuesday... They gave me some tablets on sunday which are supposed to be like piriton and all they do is make me really woozy but dont ease the itching at all they also told me to put E45 moisturiser on the affected areas and all it seems to do is irratate it even more i am at my wits end i have had no sleep for 5 nights so far because the itching sorry to moan but does anyone have any advice on how to stop the itching or how to help me sleep please sad x

Hulaballoo Fri 18-Nov-16 17:11:41

I would go back and get checked again. There may be some tips there. I had severe itching on my bump near the end of my 2nd preg, aloe vera gel from Holland and barrett helped me. Bathing in oat water too, hope you get some relief x

hayleyjones2701 Fri 18-Nov-16 20:15:44

Thank you i will try anything x

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