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First pregnancy

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0EatSleepTeachRepeat Thu 17-Nov-16 20:13:31

First ever post!

Planned pregnancy with DH and positive tests on our first cycle. (Told him he has super swimmers!)

Thrilled but also a little worried (friends and colleagues have MC). Should I be so excited and happy so soon?

Also, I am SO desperate to tell someone/everyone! (You lovely ladies are the first!) Thinking of telling my sister this weekend. What do you think? smile

LottieL Thu 17-Nov-16 20:17:37

Miscarriages happen - I know the pain but telling people will not stop it from happening, nor cause it. It's a matter of personal choice. With my first pregnancy (earlier this year) I told everyone - family, DH's family, work then lost the baby. This pregnancy (now 24 weeks smile ) we told my family and his, and my bosses as I needed earlier scans and drs appointments. Only announced it to everyone else once we reached 12 weeks as we were suddenly very cautious of another loss.

You should be excited and happy, and I sincerely hope everything goes fantastically for you! Congratulations smile

BertieBotts Thu 17-Nov-16 20:24:41

Welcome to Mumsnet and congratulations! smile

IMO there is no use worrying about miscarriage. If it happens it happens. Just try to relax and enjoy the fact that you're pregnant now.

Tell people (if you want to!) that you wouldn't mind informing if things go wrong, and only people who aren't either going to get so excited that they tell everyone else or start jumping ahead and buying loads of things before it's safe. You'd probably want your sister to support you anyway, wouldn't you? So it's OK to tell her.

With my first child I got pregnant first cycle and had absolutely no problems with the pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding. He was a dream - so it can go well. You just tend to hear about the times things go wrong.

Here on the boards there are great support threads for due months. Have a look here:

The support groups can be a lifeline, if you like that kind of thing.

0EatSleepTeachRepeat Thu 17-Nov-16 20:27:35

Thanks Lottie! I may have to tell my boss as I have a MW appointment booked which I'll need time off for. Worried they won't keep it quiet!

0EatSleepTeachRepeat Thu 17-Nov-16 20:29:28

Thanks Bertie! I'm just glad I have somewhere I can actually say it at the moment! My sister had two children so it would be lovely having someone to ask silly questions! Convincing her to come visit this weekend... told her I have an early Xmas present! I do but this is an extra surprise!

user1479415795 Thu 17-Nov-16 21:06:02

Hi there
First time pregnant here (just over six weeks) and experiencing v painful stomach ache. I'm not too worried as mummy friends said they had the same during their pregnancies and doc checked me out yesterday and was happy. Just thought I'd see if anyone else is having cramps?


It depends on how you feel. MC (although it does happen a lot) is still a relatively small chance. 25 in 100 pregnancies end in miscarriage. That means 75 out of 100 will go on to have a baby!

I didn't tell a lot of people till after 20 weeks (apart from family at 12 weeks) but this is due to a condition I have

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