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Concealing a pregnancy

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TheManicMummy Thu 17-Nov-16 18:37:41

I don't want any of my friends/ family to know I'm pregnant. I have two kids under two already and I know I'll get negative comments the same as I had when I announced both of my pregnancies excitedly !

So I need to find the best clothes to conceal this pregnancy. I'm currently only 5 weeks pregnant. But I need to plan for clothes which don't show off a bump? Anyone have any ideas??

WordGetsAround Thu 17-Nov-16 18:40:48

I think it's usually quite easy to conceal a pregnancy - no one is as interested as we always seem to assume they are! I didn't tell my parents (who live lovely) until 14 weeks, was pretty sure they'd guessed, but they didn't have a clue - even though they knew we'd wanted more!

EssentialHummus Thu 17-Nov-16 18:42:45

In this weather, jumpers, ponchos and scarves are your friend 👍

BobbieDog Thu 17-Nov-16 18:44:12

How long are you planning on hiding it for?

I'm nearly 17 weeks and you still can't tell

Joinourclub Thu 17-Nov-16 18:46:31

It's winter so you'll be fine, just wear enormous shapeless knitted jumpers!

PoldarksBreeches Thu 17-Nov-16 18:49:56

How long are you going to keep it up for?!

TerriB84 Thu 17-Nov-16 18:50:46

I struggled to hide it. When we told people after our 12 week scan at least 4 people had already guessed (this included my parents, 2 of my friends and a work colleague). I think how easy it is to hide depends on 2 things. 1) whether you normally drink alcohol and how suspicious people would be if you stopped. 2) how early you start to show. Some people just show sooner than others.

HeartsTrumpDiamonds Thu 17-Nov-16 18:51:39

Congratulations on your pregnancy (if that is the right thing to say).

Your friends and family sound like a bunch of knobs.

Mens' clothes - larger than you need - would be good due to the cut. No figure-hugging curves or anything.

HeartsTrumpDiamonds Thu 17-Nov-16 18:52:40

Oh and start eating loads so people think you are just getting fat grin

TheManicMummy Thu 17-Nov-16 18:54:48

I don't drink alcohol, so they won't guess that way. I think the only way they would guess is if they saw a bump. I'm just hoping to keep it between me and my partner (and all of you) for as long as possible.

It's hard enough thinking I'll have three under three and coping with all the changes that will be happening with my family without negative comments. To be honest if I never had to tell them then I wouldn't. I live a while away from them. I see my family very rarely.

Chottie Thu 17-Nov-16 18:55:03

DD found palazzo style trousers and draped tops worked very well for her.

TheManicMummy Thu 17-Nov-16 18:57:01

Thank you for your congratulations!! I haven't had one of those for my past two pregnancies ! I would understand if I complained about looking after my two children, or offloaded them all the time. My youngest has never spent a night away from me and my eldest has stayed out 3 times in 2 years!

I just find them all really negative. I don't need lectures to be honest. Me and my partner are happy xx

SaltyBitch Thu 17-Nov-16 18:57:48

You need to be always freezing! Layers, thick wool, coats, long scarves!

AButterflyLightsBesideUs Thu 17-Nov-16 20:04:39

Big coat and scarf with hands stuffed in pockets to camouflage the bump and I have reached 30 weeks before being generally rumbled in the playground. It's astonishing how little people notice. Just don't stand sideways on. Tbh I have more difficulty hiding it in the first tri as I get so sick I look like death and can barely stand. Congratulations though!

haveacupoftea Thu 17-Nov-16 20:57:57

Only you know when your family is complete, everyone else can mind their own beeswax. Congratulations!

Congratulations flowers

I wore (at work) black tops and baggy blazers. People didn't seem to notice till after 20 weeks.

I don't understand why people need to be negative about a pregnancy. If you have the baby (anyone not just you) if planned or unplanned then usually it's a very wanted child. Why would you want to put a downer on that?

hateadulting Thu 17-Nov-16 21:12:10

I really feel for you op. You shouldn't have to deal with their negative comments. You and your partners family planing is only your business. I find it hilarious that other people think their opinion even matters in the situation hmm

I got away with hiding my first pregnancy thanks to my parka! It was big, long and double lined. I wore it until I was 30 weeks but I could've hid it longer if summer hadn't come along.

Maybe your partners hoodies or high waisted jeans would help?

SlurplePurple Fri 18-Nov-16 06:19:36

I'm currently 22 weeks with my 3rd (others will be 3yrs and almost 2yrs old when this one is born).
I managed to hide it until last week when someone asked and I couldn't lie so fessed up.
It was planned but I felt it would be easier to cope with judgey comments once through the sickness phase.
No one has been negative to my face this past week though and my family seem quite excited now too.
To hide it (and I have a generous bump already) I just wore my winter clothes early. So baggy knitted jumpers, long loose cardis, tunics or skater dresses all with leggings and boots.

TheManicMummy Fri 18-Nov-16 08:53:40

I think I'm going to stock up on leggings and baggy tops and just eat loads, so worried thinking people will notice as it's my third and I'll get big quick...

Wombletor Fri 18-Nov-16 09:05:58

I concealed my pregnancy until I was 24 weeks. I wore skinny jeans with vests tucked in and floaty blouses, it was spring. I had a funeral to go yo when I was 5 months and I bought a 60s style swing shift dress. Nobody noticed. I also had a party, and I bought a strapless dress which had a full skirt, and I also got away with it.

When I told my best friend she was shocked, I couldn't believe she hadn't noticed! But nobody did, most people are too busy with their own lives.

Good luck with your pregnancy and try not to worry about what other people think or say. Its your life, and your family. Take care x

Wombletor Fri 18-Nov-16 09:06:54

PS, I carried a big handbag too, to shield it!

Desmondo2016 Fri 18-Nov-16 09:12:25

Personally i think you shouldn't guve a fuck if they notice or not. It'll make it look more like you think their ignorant views are right. You're happy, your partner is happy so screw the rest of them. Wear that bump with pride and to hell help with anyone else's small minded opinion smile

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