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Anyone had low platelets second time around?

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Jojo13 Thu 17-Nov-16 14:06:54

Had very low platelets with first baby, picked up quite late and after seeing a consultant they decided to induce me.
This meant I was constantly monitored (attached to a machine) had to be in the hospital rather than the birthing centre and couldn't really move about a massive amount. Which meant the overall experience wasn't great.
Anyone know of this is likely to happen again? (I'm 25 weeks so blood fine at the mo) I was hoping for birthing balls and nice things(!) rather than being tied to the bed with a machine again.
Will ask the midwife when I see her but wondered if anyone had experienced similar?


TwoDogs9 Thu 17-Nov-16 15:13:51

Hi Jojo

I am 31+3 in my first pregnancy and my platelet levels are dropping. To be honest they are always below the normal range but at the start of this pregnancy they were high for me (although still not "normal"). In the past six weeks they have started to drop and are currently at 102, so not too worrying at the moment. What level were yours at with your first pregnancy? I tried to ask midwife yesterday what would happen at the birth regarding this matter and she gave me a very evasive answer. I have the added complication of having to inject Clexane for a blood clotting disorder, so by the sounds of it my active birth will be out of the question too sad

Jojo13 Thu 17-Nov-16 15:32:02

Hi Twodogs,
To be honest, I can't remember exactly how low they were. Not low enough for any huge drama (although when the consultants says the word 'transfusion' you tend to panic?!) but low enough they wanted to be prepared and keep an eye on me. And as they weren't stabilising they got me in a week early and induced me.
Aside from being not very mobile, birth itself was ok, there were no more complications than your average birth (he got stuck, so forceps!)
My friend went in ten days later, to the really relaxed birthing centre, had a dip in the pool and all sorts.. was kind of hoping for that..!
Not sure if these things are a one-off or if it's likely to happen this time around.
Good luck with yours, I think they will probably just want to keep you monitored and hopefully won't affect your birth too much. X

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