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I'm pregnant

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heyitstasmin Wed 16-Nov-16 08:38:15

So this is my first post/anything on here so excuse me if I don't know the abbreviations or acronyms.
But I'm pregnant. I've taken two tests and they both say positive and I'm going to the doctors later today. My boyfriend knows but that's about it. He's as happy as I am but I live with my mum and I'm very nervous to tell her. She isn't home at the moment but I don't know how to go about saying itconfused

WellErrr Wed 16-Nov-16 08:38:39


AuntieStella Wed 16-Nov-16 08:52:59


Do have a look in the pregnancy chat topic to find threads by due date or theme where you can chat to people who are going. Through similar.

In terms of your question here about telling your DM, you'll just need to pick your moment and tell her straight. Better to do so before your pregnancy announces itself (eg if you are sick). How do you think she will take it?

(PS: this list might help and any baffling NHS ones, just ask!)

Congratulations flowers

Why are you nervous to tell your mum? I found that my mum (in the beginning) was more excited than I was. I just called my mum to tell her but I take medication so wanted her advise on what I should do

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