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Is everything okay??

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MidnightBreeze Tue 15-Nov-16 22:44:48

So was sat having a chat with DP & out of the blue no warning at all, suddenly felt extremely nauseous, accompanied with stomach pain/discomfort high in my abdomen as well as back pain that starts at the top and radiates downwards.
Have taken anti sickness and paracetamol.....

MidnightBreeze Tue 15-Nov-16 22:48:26

Now have a headache which feels like someone is squeezing my head!!

Inthenick Tue 15-Nov-16 22:49:43

How many weeks are you? I'd call your midwife.

Pocketsizedpixie Tue 15-Nov-16 22:51:28

I would call whatever out of hours number you have been given and get some medical advice.

NeverAShadowOfDoubt Wed 16-Nov-16 04:42:42

Are you ok OP? Pls get checked, it could be pre eclampsia. How many weeks are you?

Littlelostdinosaur Wed 16-Nov-16 04:47:55

Call your out if hkurs number and get their advice. Better to hbe safe. Sope everything is ok. X

MidnightBreeze Wed 16-Nov-16 08:07:22

Hey all,
Sorry I should have included it, completely forgot!

I am 19 weeks on Friday.

MidnightBreeze Wed 16-Nov-16 08:09:22

I took the painkillers and anti sickness & basically moaned myself to sleep!

Woke up through the night whingeing about it....things seem to have calmed down I leave it??

ajabajavitasoffan Wed 16-Nov-16 08:11:55

No, don't leave it. Call your midwife. She will be able to advise you - hopefully all will be fine but those symptoms need checking out.

MidnightBreeze Wed 16-Nov-16 08:20:12

Have just called midwives office and left a message, hopefully someone will call back soon!

Glad you called midwife. They can just get you to do a pee test to check everything is ok

Heirhelp Wed 16-Nov-16 09:02:24

Ring hospital maternity unit you need to be checked out.

Nikki2ol6 Wed 16-Nov-16 10:04:14

Could be a bug there is That novo virus going around that can start out of the blue! My friend had it and he was standing in the kitchen talking to his girlfriend and next think he's spewing all over her!!! He said he had no wanrning at all! He spewed a few more times and felt achy with a head ache. But deffo get checked out!

MidnightBreeze Wed 16-Nov-16 12:22:02

Spoke to midwife who said to call GP as in regards to the baby, nothing stood out to her. So said just to call docs and get them to check

SarahOoo Wed 16-Nov-16 12:28:24

I'm also 19 weeks this week and caught norovirus on the 5th November when I was 17 weeks and this could be similar. If you end up vomiting endlessly and having it appear the 'other end' too then keep an eye on your fluid intake. I wasn't keeping anything in at all as all the water I drank came back up again so called 111 and eventually spoke with a doctor who told me to go to A&E. They do say don't go to A&E with norovirus but it's not just you as you're pregnant, I was against going but my sister who is a nurse, the doctor and my husband persuaded me, I ended up being admitted and having 4 litres of fluid and only anti sickness stopped the vomiting.

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