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Hospital bag for me and twins

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neonrainbow Tue 15-Nov-16 20:12:46

I'm not sure if I'll be having a vaginal birth or c section yet but starting to think about my hospital bag. Do i need loads of extra stuff for twins? First pregnancy so i don't know what I'm doing. Or if anyone has any links to useful hospital lists? Ive been looking but most lists look like you're planning to move in for a month! Do you really need all that stuff?

haveacupoftea Tue 15-Nov-16 20:44:31

I think as long as your have your washbag, nappies, wipes, clothes for you and baby, nipple cream and my friend tells me disposable knickers lol those are the main things. I guess if you find yourself running short a visitor can bring you some things?

I can share my hospital bag. I had 1 but just add more clothes for twins!

🔹Straws (hard to drink when giving birth or after birth for c-section)
🔹lip balm (they dry quickly)
🔹Big knickers x 5 (I went up 6 sizes for after c-section wear)
🔹disposable knickers
🔹maternity sanitary pads (20 pack)
🔹joggers or something as comfortable x 2
🔹baggy top x 2
🔹nightie or something similar to give birth in
🔹 bras (including nursing bra) x 2
🔹dressing gown
🔹 socks x 3
🔹towel & head towel
🔹shower gel
🔹shampoo & conditioner
🔹something like a sponge to wash with
🔹hair ties
🔹face wipes
🔹make up (although I didn't wear mine)
🔹Tooth brush
🔹something to do during labour (cards, books, music)
🔹snacks birthing partner)
🔹parking change
🔹bin bag (for dirty clothes)
🔹phone charger
🔹hair brush

Baby (double up nappies, clothes etc for twins)
🔹2 blankets
🔹pack of nappies
🔹bum cream
🔹cotton wool
🔹2 x up to a month baby grow
🔹2 x 0-3 month baby grow
🔹2 x vests (in each of above sizes)
🔹2 x long sleeve vests (in each of above sizes)
🔹car seat

Hope this helps. I really did use all this stuff (I had to send people home as I didn't believe you needed so much)
I did have a c-section though but I assume with twins you will be in for a couple of days.
As it's so much, best thing to do is put half into 1 case and half in another case and keep 1 in the car (if possible) to save you having it all in the room with you.

neonrainbow Tue 15-Nov-16 22:20:01

Thank you so much that gives me somewhere to start! We are only 20 minutes from the hospital so if i forgot anything someone could bring it for me smile

han01uk Tue 15-Nov-16 22:29:18

I found it really useful to leave stuff out at home,extra bits that my husband could grab so he didn't have to go rummaging round looking for suitable clothing/stuff that I had tried to explain where it was!! I packed a little extra bag of bits for myself - pjs,lounge clothes,underwear. And also extra baby bits too- let's face it men can sometimes make interesting choices in haste!
Once he then bought the new bag in I would fill it with washing for him to take home!!
Other essentials - lots of pads,a fluffy towel plus one you don't mind getting messy (red preferably!),lip balm,energy sweets,Dried fruit and snacks,slippers,large type knickers for keeping large pads in place,dry shampoo,phone charger.... The list can be pretty endless!!

Isisizzie Tue 15-Nov-16 22:42:46

I was given the advice of put a full outfit for baby in a labled plastic bag, (think food bag) including nappy, hat, bodysuit, sleepsuit and socks if needed. Then all your DH needs to do is pull that one bag out of the rest instead of rooting around and messing up the rest of the stuff packed.
Same goes for you maternity towels and knickers in a bag next to your towel and wash bag for easy reach.

Rootvegetables Tue 15-Nov-16 22:52:35

Hello, I have twins, I took 2 bags one for me and one for them it was very helpful. They were a little small so even in the hottest day in July they needed hats and lots of layers. If you want to breastfeed have your feeding cushion within easy grabbing distance for someone to bring or in the car. You really will be very busy, so lots of drinks and snacks to keep you going, I had a fairly problem free birth but was still in for 3 days, I needed extra food as the days and nights were so long! It's very exciting, good luck!

stillwantrachelshair Tue 15-Nov-16 22:53:43

I was surprised at quite how much I needed and felt a bit embarrassed when I went into hospital only to relax when I saw they had a supermarket trolley for you to put your stuff in to take it from the labour ward to the post natal ward. With DC1, I was in labour for days so used most of the stuff; with DC2, I was in labour for minutes & scarcely opened the bag.
I left things at home strategically. For example, I had sorted out my clothes so my nightwear was in X drawer, giant knickers were in Y drawer & pads and things were in a particular cupboard as then I could tell whoever was bringing me note stuff to the right place rather than hope they found what I needed.

WindInThePussyWillows Tue 15-Nov-16 23:02:34

Hello and congratulations.
My twins are 7 months old.
I ended up in hospital with preeclampsia for 2 weeks before having them so had nothing prepared and no bag.
I was induced after my 2 week stay and then ended up staying another week after having them at 36+6.
Not bag related but general birth and twins tip would be to not have a set plan in place and go with the flow at the time. I didn't make a plan and then didn't get upset that things changed a lot and fast!!

I would recommend having a bag packed early on.
I'd have one bag to take with you with enough stuff for about 3 days, and then a second bag packed and left at home which someone could bring you if you end up there longer.

Make sure you have some size 0 nappies (pampers ones are good) as they could be teeny. One of mine had one night in NICU where these were provided, but twin 2 went to transitional care unit and they weren't provided there.

Other than that, what's been already said but lots and lots of clothes. Nothing I had bought was small enough and I hadn't got nearly enough sleepsuits and I thought I had too much before hand!!

Congratulations again, it's an amazing journey.

Redkite10a Tue 15-Nov-16 23:13:10

I went through what I'd ended up using after my son''s birth, and for 3 nights in hospital it does end up being a lot of stuff. I'd suggest two bags. The first one is for labour and birth and the immediate clean up, so includes first outfits for the twins and clothes for post birth.

The 2nd bag is for staying in hospital, if you have a suitcase that can stand vertically on its end it's a good idea as there isn't a lot of space in hospital bays. I had a list for my husband of the stuff that needed to transfer from the labour bag to the staying in bag and my husband then went and put one back in the car and got the other out.

I also had warm layers for going home sitting ready in our baby car seat.

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