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When did you wash baby's clothes etc?

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bumblebee86 Sun 13-Nov-16 22:37:54

I'm now 32 weeks and wondering when I need to wash baby's clothes, bedding, muslin clothes etc?
People keep saying wait until a dry day to hang them outside to dry but at this time of year we haven't had many dry days when I haven't been at work! Presumably I can just tumble dry them? (Sorry if that's a silly question!)
Do blankets knitted by family and comforters also need to be washed?

Andbabymakesthree Sun 13-Nov-16 22:42:14

I'm 33 wks and have been washing up everything. Alot of mine is second hand so line drying is preferred as it removes any marks esp around neckline ( always get a few despite going away clean the appear! )

The few new bits I've tumble dried. At least by doing so now you know of any shrinkage will occur.

Yes blankets and comforters to be washed.

welshweasel Sun 13-Nov-16 22:43:58

I didn't wash anything. I had no idea that I was meant to. Stuff was either new or hand me downs from family who I knew would have washed them.

bumblebee86 Sun 13-Nov-16 22:46:19

Thank you.

As I work 5 days a week I might get some washed and tumble dried so I have some done rather than wait until a dry day.

I also have some second hand things to freshen up.

Do you use fabric softener on the comforters? Just wondered in case baby sucks them?

Andbabymakesthree Sun 13-Nov-16 22:47:57

New clothes have lots of nasty chemicals on them. Welsh

I wouldn't use fabric conditionor on comforters x

Winegumaddict Sun 13-Nov-16 22:48:31

I didn't wash anything first time round. I didn't know it was a thing DD was fine. This time I've dug out all the bits I kept. I've washed the car seat covers as they looked grubby but that's it. I do enough laundry so I'm not doing more until I need to! If you do want to wash stuff and it's new don't wash it all in case you need to return it for different sizes. Once it's washed you're stuck with it. I'd just wash a couple of bits in each size then wash the rest before you need it.

katiegg Sun 13-Nov-16 23:17:30

First time round, I washed stuff at 38-39 weeks - dried it all inside on a clothes horse as it was December. Looking back, I was firmly in denial that I was pregnant/ having a baby and didn't even have my hospital bag packed until 39 weeks!

This time around, I've had stuff washed from about 33 weeks and bag is packed and ready to go. I can't seem to shake the idea that this little one is going to appear a bit earlier...

Heirhelp Mon 14-Nov-16 12:21:41

No problem to tumble. The general advice is to not use clothes softener as it can irritate baby's skin.

frikadela01 Mon 14-Nov-16 12:30:45

I didn't wash anything. However unless you plan to iron them.i would advise either line drying or using an airer for muslin saqures, they tend to wrinkle up in the dryer.

Kel1234 Mon 14-Nov-16 12:33:03

My stuff was all new so I didn't wash anything. When I did get bits that were passed on I washed them before lo wore them. I use fairy non bio for all washing

Andbabymakesthree Mon 14-Nov-16 13:12:19

Yuk! Don't those who washed nothing not think of the chemicals used in manufacturing / finishing products?

ITMama1 Mon 14-Nov-16 13:16:16

Washed everything at 36 weeks, now 38. Just didn't feel comfortable before that point that baby was actually coming. I've spent last 2 weeks reorganising the nursery drawers waiting for baby to come. I used softener, asdas little stars which it says is suitable for use on newborn clothing, but not everyone does.

Trifleorbust Mon 14-Nov-16 13:21:40

I washed everything quite early and have been doing it on and off for the last few weeks. Chemicals and stuff on hand-me-downs are my concerns, not any dirt in my house, as the baby will be exposed to my house pretty much constantly anyway!

datingbarb Mon 14-Nov-16 13:23:38

4 kids and never washed anything, for my 4th (surprise baby) my friend gave me a lot of clothes, again she gave them to me all freshly washed and smelling lovely so I didn't bother... my children have had no ill effects from brand new unwashed clothes

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