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Catlady100 Sun 13-Nov-16 19:10:18

Hi all

Just looking for some friendly voices as I'm really struggling at the moment. I know no one can really know if things will be okay.

I'm pregnant (7+4) after having a MMC at 10 weeks (baby died at 6) in July. On Thursday I started to have some light pink spotting so went to A and E and they were brilliant. They referred me to EPU immediately, took blood that night and the doctor said that she could see brown blood round my cervix but all looked okay and to come back for a scan the next day (Friday). I did that and scan showed baby looking fine with heartbeat and measuring at 7+3 (I was 7+2 but think I ovulated day 13 so makes sense). They should see no reason for the sporting.

I have another scan booked on Wednesday which was already booked in as early reassurance following the MMC. I'm now living in fear that the baby will die between the two. I still have a bit of brown spotting but not much. I'm finding it hard to think straight and can't imagine how I'll cope like this on an ongoing basis.
The can provided about 12 hours of reassurance.
Sorry for such a long post and being such a downer 😞

Cat x

Whatsername17 Sun 13-Nov-16 19:57:32

I've had a mmc too. I was 11, almost 12 weeks when we had a scan but my baby had died at 8 weeks. I had no idea that anything g was wrong. I then had a chemical pregnancy before falling pregnant again. I'm now 30 +2. It doesn't get easier, the early stages consist of symptom spotting and worry. All you can do is try and stay positive. I booked extra scans ' I have one a 8, 12, 16 and 20 weeks. Now my worry focuses on if she's moving enough other too much. Come and join us on twitter staying posifrickentive thread - we've all been there, we are all worriers and we are a lovely bunch!

Cantchooseaname Sun 13-Nov-16 19:59:13

Had very similar experience. Pregnancy was hard, ended up having some private councelling to help me deal with anxiety. We made it though, I now have beautiful 6 month old daughter. It was completely worth every second of anxiety. I just tried to take one day (sometimes 1 hour) at a time. Look after yourself, mentally as well as physically.

MollyWho Sun 13-Nov-16 20:13:14

I've had a few mmc's, but am now 30 weeks. We had a scan about 8 weeks as I was prescribed progesterone and then the normal ones at 12 and 20. I thought about going for more but I think we actually coped a bit better not doing. As you've said they don't give you reassurance for very long. Maybe consider not going for lots of scans, I think in the end they can end up creating more anxiety - well for me anyway. Good luck x

Catlady100 Sun 13-Nov-16 21:33:21

Thanks all, sorry that you went through the same but it's nice to hear that you've all reached so far in subsequent pregnancies. I will look at the thread. Xx

Helbelle75 Sun 13-Nov-16 21:46:22

Sorry for your loss and congratulations on your pregnancy.
I too had a mmc back in may and found myself pregnant again in July. Went for an early scan at 10 weeks and all was fine. I'miss now nearly 19 weeks and still fairly anxious about it all. I think it's fairly normal to feel nervous.
Best of luck to you.

ColdCottage Sun 13-Nov-16 22:30:50

I know a few people who had spotting during in pregnancy and had healthy pregnancies and babies.
Think positive, whatever you do won't change what your body is doing either way and feeling scared and worrying is only going to bring you down and that's no good for anyone.
I had a missed miscarriage last month and had medical management last Monday after waiting a month for it to happen naturally. Sadly we have no control over how our body manages any pregnancy and we just have to trust it's doing the best job it can. It is out of your hands so just take care of yourself. Have some nice long baths, buy some chocolate (or cake, cherries etc what ever makes you feel better - after eight mints and blueberries for me - not together!) zone out in front of a good film or get lost in a good book.
Speak to a friend in RL if you can. Talking really helps me when I have stress in my life. Hugs

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