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Failed pregnancy and what to do next?

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Anna1124 Sun 13-Nov-16 16:53:27

I was due to have first scan this coming week (12-13 weeks), but started having heavy bleeding last Thur and went to A&E followed by scan and blood test at EPU. The sonographer told us it is a definite miscarriage, but she wrote in her report it was inconclusive which seemed a bit odd. Anyway, the report said there was no evidence of an intrauterine gestation sac.

Dr phoned me to say the blood test showed my hCG is still high but progesterone level is low so it is a failed pregnancy. She told me to do pregnancy test in two weeks time and let the hospital know about the result. If it is still positive, I will have an option of drug-induced or surgical removal of remnants then.

Dr and sonographer were nice and kept urging us to question them, but DH and I were in shock (first preg, first miscarriage) and it was too difficult to think properly and question them then and there. After calmed down a bit and reading MN posts about failed pregnancy, I now have a question.

Surely I should have another scan in a few days time to see if things are all gone? Considering how progressed I was (11-12 weeks), waiting two whole weeks to see if my hCG level has gone down seems a bit too long. I am going to call the hospital to ask, but worried that they might not budge.

loz12345 Sun 13-Nov-16 17:26:08

I am so sorry you are writing this but might be able to help.

I had a mmc that was discovered at my 12 week scan baby stopped growing at around 10 weeks.

We decided to let nature take its course but unfortunately I ended up having emergency surgery even once that had been done I was still getting positive pg tests for about 4 weeks so it is normal for them to leave it a while because it does take a bit of time to get back to normal.

The only advice that I can give from experience (the hospital were useless) is if you feel unwell or are concerned about the amount of bleeding get yourself to hospital so you can get checked out no point trying to act like your fine (I did which was stupid) when you can get reassurance.

It's an awful thing for the two of you to go through so just be kind to yourselves x x x

McBaby Sun 13-Nov-16 18:11:29

I am presuming as the report said no evidence of interuterine sac they are suggesting you may have already passed the sac when bleeding?

I started bleededing when I would have been 10 weeks I had a scan prior to heaven bleeding the baby had died at 4/5 weeks and only measured 3mm. It took 6 weeks to get a negative pregnancy test as I had a very very small piece of retained tissue 3mmX5mm.

Anna1124 Sun 13-Nov-16 19:03:49

loz and McBaby, thanks so so much for sharing your experience.
I saw several MN posts of saying more swift actions rather than waiting several weeks, and hence my original concern. But sounds like I should follow what I was told as it takes time to get negative pregnancy test.

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