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Induction at 37/38 weeks experiences?

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user1471927379 Sun 13-Nov-16 15:47:24

So some background info. I am 37 weeks pregnant with my first. My pregnancy has been very physical and emotional hard and at one point i did not know if i was going to reach 34 weeks so to reach 37 is a huge milestone. I am currently in hospital until I deliver, so i have spoken to two consultants who have said that going that i am okay with it i will be induced this week after a scan to check baby is fully grown and well & to see if my cervix is favourable. If it is not favourable they will wait another week providing baby is okay and check to see if its favourable then as they do not want me to have a c section if its not. So basically if my cervix is ready i will be induced. Has anyone else been induced at 37 - 38 weeks. What were your experiences?

Nikki2ol6 Sun 13-Nov-16 16:02:31

I was induced at 38+4 and that went very well. They put a tablet in to do what ever it does and I began cramping and contracting and got to 4cm so they broke my water 6amz I didn't budge lol. They put the drip in 10:30am and I delivered 2:20pm.

My next induction was 37+6 and not so good..... they broke my water and not a thing happened!!! They put the drip in and nothing seamed to be happening. Once contractions began his heart rate was dropping! Drs came in and mentioned a section so I freaked out!! I was 3cm and going nowhere because his head was still floating high. 16 hours after they broke my water I was still 3cm and section was mentioned again. The midwife left the room while I gathered my thoroughts. While she was gone the pains got worse.... a lot worse!! I could feel pressure in my legs and she came back In and I said I need to push. Of course she thought I was crazy I was 3cm 40mins ago with a high baby and now I wanted to push!! She told me I didn't and the Drs would be in very soon to talk about the section. I told her I was going to push now.... she checked me and I was ready to push. He took some getting out because the silly boy was facing the wrong way lol but I got there !

user1471927379 Sun 13-Nov-16 16:07:33

Oh wow! Can i just ask was your cervix favourable when you was induced? Not really sure what that means but i assume it has to be soft and ripe,not sure about dilation.

user1471927379 Sun 13-Nov-16 19:02:47

Anyone have any other experiences? I'm really curious.

FrankAndBeans Sun 13-Nov-16 19:06:17

Induced at 39w with my first and 38w with my second. Both four hour long labours. 12 mins of pushing for first, 5 with the second but I was incredibly favourable with my second. I would hold out for as long as you possibly can if you want to avoid a c-section.

FrankAndBeans Sun 13-Nov-16 19:07:21

Sorry I should mention with both I just had the pessary which put me into natural labour with no hormone drip needed.

user1471927379 Sun 13-Nov-16 19:10:39

Okay i just hope i'm favourable because I definitely wanna hold out on a c section. 12 & 5 mins of pushing? That's soo fast, I've heard of people pushing for up to an hour. i hope i'm the same!

beela Sun 13-Nov-16 19:12:41

I was induced at 39 weeks with dc1, due to pre-eclampsia. It's all a bit hazy now as this was 6 years ago... but I had my first pessary on the Wednesday and ds wasn't born until the Saturday evening!! It was a long long process. The pessaries did very little (well... a few contractions on and off) and on the Saturday morning they broke my waters and started the drip. He was born 12 hours later. I managed on gas & air, wasn't too bad.

Good luck flowers

UnoriginalNN Sun 13-Nov-16 19:13:10

Induced at 39 weeks with DD. I did not have the same level of care as you as it was unexpected and urgent - so things did not go as smoothly. It sounds like you are in fantastic hands. Everyone else I know who has been before due date has had a great experience.

user1471927379 Sun 13-Nov-16 19:24:19

Thank you for the luck. I think i'll need it! Also if anyone has had a natural and induced birth was it more painful? Im terrified of pain and i feel like its gonna be a long painful process. UnoriginalNN im so sorry yours did not go as smoothly but hearing you know many people who have had successful inductions really puts my mind at ease.

LittleFryingPan Sun 13-Nov-16 19:25:32

Induced at 37 weeks exactly. Waters broke on Tuesday evening, no contractions at all so was put on a drip at 3am Thursday morning.

Mild contractions for first three hours, heavier contractions for the next 5 hours then baby's heart rate dropped massive, my blood pressure rocketed and they were literally getting me to sign the emergency c-section forms when I started pushing.

3 pushes and she was out exactly 9 hours after getting my drip in.

Good luck! Everyone I know who was induced had a relatively quick labour and no massive complications.

SummerRains Sun 13-Nov-16 19:33:13

Induced at 37 weeks and had an EMCS after 2 inductions, 24 rest in between.
2nd time cervix was favourable and induced and had a VBAC - all good.
Induced due to diabetes

dontpokethebear Sun 13-Nov-16 19:47:35

I have 3 inductions at 37, 38, and 39 weeks (GD). Each labour was easier than last. I had a drop with the first 2, labours 8 and 6 hours. Last one popped out after 2 1/2 hours.

Pocketsizedpixie Sun 13-Nov-16 19:49:38

Induced at 38 weeks. They were able to break my waters straight away, no need for pessaries. She was out in 8 hours, no drip. Other than having my waters broken it was the same as Amy other labour/delivery. Good luck!

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