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Spd and early maternity

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froglou Fri 11-Nov-16 09:34:00

I'm 22 weeks and have just been old I have spd. Some days I can't stand up properly and I loose sleep from the pain to. When at work I can sit for at least half of my shift but I still get a lot of pain and getting to and from work is also painful. My doctors referred me for physio but will take 4-8 weeks even though I watched him mark it urgent!!! He's suggested I look at taking my maternity soon but I'm only 5 and a half months! I feel like this is too soon but I do also need it, and I'm under the impression I can't take time off without automatically starting my maternity?
Opinions or advice would be appreciated as I'm at a bit of a loose end!

McBaby Fri 11-Nov-16 09:55:41

I was signed off work with spd in my first pregnancy from 26 weeks. I couldnt sit, stand walk without pain. It can be treated as sick leave till 36 weeks when if your off sick your work can start maternity leave.

Have a look at the pelvic partnership lost of info on how to ease the pain etc. I found the Physio didn't really help but I found a cranial osteopath more helpful in my second pregnancy. I saw her monthly and she kept me comfortable and mobile enough to look after my toddler!

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