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understanding Maternity Notes

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mammacha123 Thu 10-Nov-16 14:10:50

Hi everyone, i wondered if anyone could have a guess as to what my notes say after sweep today. I am 38w and it wasnt my usual midwife ... cant understand her writing and need to know what kind of stage i am at smile i have attached a pic ... thanks in advance guys x x x

PikachuSayBoo Thu 10-Nov-16 14:18:09

Your cervix is 3cm dilated and 1cm a multips OS (yog e had a baby before). Presenting part is a

PikachuSayBoo Thu 10-Nov-16 14:18:42

PResenting part is above the spines and your membranes/waters are intact

PikachuSayBoo Thu 10-Nov-16 14:19:34

Baby is head down and 1/5th in the pelvis.

mammacha123 Thu 10-Nov-16 14:21:42

Thank you so much for replying. I had induction with first baby and it was quite traumatic so hoping to go on my own this time. Is 3cm dilated at this stage good? I am unsure if long is a good thing too? Sorry, you wouldn't think i had 1 already haha x

mammacha123 Thu 10-Nov-16 14:22:25

1/5 is good isnt it, that is almost fully engaged?? x

PikachuSayBoo Thu 10-Nov-16 14:26:48

Yeah sorry, it's probably 1/5th palpable. Our notes actually say "fifths engaged" rather than relation to brim. So most of the baby's head in the pelvis. To be honest it's not that relevant especially when it's second baby as they can bob in and out the pelvis a bit and sometimes don't even engage until you're in labour.

Chances are you've been 3cm dilated since the last baby was born, your cervix never shits fully again. However being 3cm is better than being 1cm! Good luck.

Redkite10a Thu 10-Nov-16 15:50:58

1 cm long is good too, it means your cervix has started to thin. My midwife said the cervix starts at 3 to 4 cm long.

I was 1 cm dilated and 1 cm long and 4/5th 's baby's head in my pelvis when the midwife examined me on the Wednesday morning at 41+2 and DC2 was born Thursday evening at 41+3. I was told on Wednesday how ripe your cervix is is useful prediction for your first but less so for subsequent babies as things can change much more quickly, which was reassuring at the time as I was really starting to stress about induction.

mammacha123 Thu 10-Nov-16 17:01:41

Aw thank you for your reply. It is stressful worrying about induction isnt it. i had a sweep last week and had pains the night after but nothing materialised so hoping this 2nd one will make more happen. She did say it was a massive difference to last time as my cervix was high and thick a week ago where as it was soft and thin and she was able to do a better sweep ... it definately hurt more haha!
I am getting early sweeps (i.e. from 37w) as baby is big so looking at induction if i havent gone by due date ... obviously i am keen to avoid this and go early if poss.
Hoping the big change in a week and being 3cm (as apose to 1cm last time) is a good sign ... x x x

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