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There is something digging in my side and I can't imagine what it is!! What does a transverse baby feel like??

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Nikki2ol6 Wed 09-Nov-16 14:02:01

I'm 32wks and my baby has been head down since around week 19. Usually I feel pressure in the right side of my pelvis and my midwife has checked and Iv had scans and it was his head. But today the pressure is higher and in my side above my pelvis! I can also feel some pressure to the left of my pelvis and there is feet sticking out the middle of my tummy or knees or whatever they are but they move so I guess it's a limb..... could my baby have turned side ways?

SparrowSG Wed 09-Nov-16 14:16:57

Quite possibly, I am 34 weeks and baby was in pole position at 28 weeks and since then decided to turn, turn, turn almost every week. Head was on my right under my rib, but now turned again and I think I have a foot there instead this week smile. No need to worry though, I have been told (and read) they can turn right up until the last minute.

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