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Dermoid cyst found at scan

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user1477229112 Wed 09-Nov-16 08:50:08

Hi ladies I've got a 7 cm dermioid cyst which was found at a 6 week scan and I am due to attend with a gynaecologist tomorrow to discuss removing the cyst between 12 and 22 weeks , I wonder if anyone else has had this kind of procedure while they were pregnant and everything turned out ok. I am a little concerned about this procedure thank you cx

tumbleouttabed Wed 09-Nov-16 11:02:05

Hi, I haven't had exactly this situation but it was potentially going to be what I was facing earlier this year. I am pregnant now, but recently (before getting pregnant) had an ovarian cyst removed. I asked the gynaecologist shortly before having the cystectomy whether I needed to stop ttc - the short answer was no, as they would have been willing to remove the cyst even during pregnancy and he seemed satisfied that that was a safe procedure to do. My cyst - which it had been thought was a dermoid - turned out to be way more complicated so it was a v good thing that it was removed. So glad I had it removed, and I think (though am not a doctor!) in pregnancy they can grow more if not removed (with possible ovarian torsion), so it is probably worth seriously considering having it done. All the best.

IAmALionTamer Wed 09-Nov-16 14:24:54

I had the same as you user when pregnant with DS, although mine was a whopper at 15cm shock
It was identified at an early scan I had booked at 9 weeks and at the resulting consultant appointment after the cyst was identified it was agreed that I would have key hole surgery when between 14 and 16 weeks pregnant to remove it.
As it happened the cyst twisted and I had extreme pain at 10 weeks pregnant and was admitted for emergency surgery and they had to remove the ovary and tube also. Other than a few days in hospital and about 2 weeks off work the rest of my pregnancy was unaffected. Also despite losing an ovary I'm pregnant with DC2 now and conceived faster than I did the first time around!
Try not to worry too much, my consultant and surgeon said that cysts in pregnancy are surprisingly common.

5minutestobed Wed 09-Nov-16 14:27:51

I had two dermoid cysts one on each ovary both about 8x9cm and no one mentioned removing them until after baby was born. As it turns out I had an EMCS with DS and they removed them while they were in there! So don't feel you need to have it removed during pregnancy, they could just keep an eye on it instead.

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