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Allaboutthecake13 Mon 07-Nov-16 16:55:56

Hi, I'm 17+5 and have the worst headache in the world - it feels like it's at the front left hand part of my head. Currently lying in a dark room.

Just wondered if bad headaches are all part and parcel of pregnancy too? I've had lots of sickness and nausea so far (diagnosed HG, on cyclizine and the last week the sickness has ramped up again after calming down marginally) but this is the first headache.

Any views/experiences? I of course made the error of consulting google and am now worried about pre eclampsia!

drinkyourmilk Mon 07-Nov-16 20:02:14

I've had a few really nasty headaches in the past 19 weeks. I think it's down to hormones.

RobberBride Mon 07-Nov-16 20:55:41

They have been for me. The nausea arrived at 6+0 and two days later the headaches arrived. I usually feel OK when I wake up, definitely there by 11am, painful by 4pm, sometimes crippling by 7pm.

Have you had a cold at all? I had a horrible one which left my sinuses slightly blocked. I've been using this about five times a day (it is pregnancy safe, though sadly also disgusting) and that has been helping the sinus part of the headache. I'm still getting tension headaches though.

I asked my GP and she said if you got bad headaches during puberty (I did) then you're likely to get headaches in nausea.

Emberfirefly Mon 07-Nov-16 21:03:07

Yes I had terrible headaches in my last pregnancy - very frequent and would go on for about 3-4 days. All you an take is paracetamol which just barely touched them. Sympathies op - my midwife told me that they are very common in pregnancy, particularly in the first trimester due to the hormones.

Sunshinegirl82 Mon 07-Nov-16 21:25:55

I had terrible headaches when I was pregnant, they would last for days! I would often get a headache when I was due my period so I think it must be a hormone thing.

I got through buckets of 4head, used those migraine cool patches and bought a beanbag thing you heat up in the microwave to go round the back of my neck. Those together with paracetamol would take the edge off although often wouldn't get rid of it all together.

They did start to ease off after 20 weeks so fingers crossed yours do too!

NewMum26 Mon 07-Nov-16 21:44:03

Yep I feel your pain! I'm 14 + 3 days and have had 3 migraines and several awful headaches that have lasted days. Like others have said it's down to the hormones apparently and they are meant to ease off. Try getting to bed early even if it's just laying down in bed and resting, drink plenty and relax x

NewMum26 Mon 07-Nov-16 21:44:53

Oh and stay off Google grin

Spam88 Mon 07-Nov-16 23:10:14

If it's just on the one side then it sounds like it could be a migraine flowers take some paracetamol, make sure you're well hydrated and try to get some rest. I hope you feel better soon.

AudreyBradshaw Tue 08-Nov-16 00:32:48

Drink a shedload of water. It was the only thing that helped mine. I aim to get at least 1 litre down me in the morning and another litre in the afternoon. You'll be in the loo constantly but it did help with the headaches.

Allaboutthecake13 Tue 08-Nov-16 08:17:51

Thanks all, sounds like I've been lucky to escape them until now. I used to get bad migraines so it stands to reason that with all the hormones I'm getting them again now,and I have had a cold so maybe the sinuses are a bit blocked too. Taking all of your advice and spending today hydrating (hopefully - I have HG so trying to keep fluids down is a perpetual battle!) and resting, with 4head strips and such like in abundance. And I am keeping off google!

UnicornPee Tue 08-Nov-16 19:36:20

I didn't with my first two pregnancies but with this one I am plagued by them.
They are right behind my eyes and in my temples and so sore. I've taken loads of paracetamols over the last few weeks which can't be good? I try to drink loads of water to stop them but doesn't help really xx

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