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Ankle/foot pain!

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RosiePosie1991 Mon 07-Nov-16 14:28:27

Hi everybody!! I'm currently 19 weeks pregnant. I've had a lot of time off work due to sickness and went back last week. My job involves me being on my feet for 9 hours so it deffo took its toll on me, but me being a complete numpty I decided to walk home as my husband was still at work and had to car. I was ok while walking (2 miles, 45 mins) but as soon as I got home my ankle started hurting, however I've had no swelling. It's still hurting now after a week, I haven't been back to work since then and just rested my foot but am due to go back tomorrow and I'm just worried! It's a really weird pain to describe, it's my ankle and foot and the pain shoots up my leg just underneath my knee. Again there's still no swelling and it's quite tender to the touch. Has anybody else had anything like this? Should I be worried? I'm deffo not planning on walking home anymore!!

Barnes79 Mon 07-Nov-16 20:21:11

Is the pain up the front or back of your leg and can you be more specific about where it is tender, and anything that makes it worse?
It may just be the ligaments in your body loosening due to the relaxin but I couldn't say anymore without further information.

Perhaps see your GP and they can refer you to physio, or try ice (frozen peas wrapped in a tea towel or something similar) on the affected area for up to 10min at a time.

Hope you feel better soon.

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