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Changing gp late in Pregnancy

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SadzR1 Mon 07-Nov-16 08:05:04

I'll be moving to a different borough in 2 weeks and due in Feb. I've got a few appointments booked with the midwife and a scan at 32 weeks so I was hoping to change gp after these. Does anyone know the process of transition?

boodles101 Mon 07-Nov-16 12:48:06

I changed GP last month. Just went to the new doctors and filled in a form. You will need your nhs number so they can access your medical history but it was all very easy. I also just gave my midwife the new address but I still come under the same borough. She did offer that I could have the rest of my appointments with a midwife closer to my new address but I've got to know mine quite well and think she's nice so I'm just going to continue with the same midwife for the last few appointments. Hope that helps.

SeventeenRainbeaus Mon 07-Nov-16 13:11:44

I'm 29wks and we moved recently. I just told the community midwives we were moving and was told to mention it to the hospital after my last scan. They discharged me when I told them at the reception desk and when we got to the new place I registered with a new doctors and they gave me the midwife's number. Rang her and she booked me in within a week. Regarding your notes the new midwives may photocopy them and put them with your new notes they will do with you when you get there at your first appt. They'll then send 'old notes' back to the hospital but you'll still have all info.

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