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Awaiting induction

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Chlandy Sun 06-Nov-16 14:30:14

Just need a rant! Was booked in for 9am this morning to be induced with my LB, but there were no beds available so told me to ring back a couple of hours later or they would ring me. Rung again and still no beds and there's another booked in for induction before me sad I know emergencies happen but so deflating when I've not slept due to anxiety and getting hyped up! Just don't feel like it's going to happen at all sad anyone had a good outcome from this? Sorry for the rant

Jodie1982 Sun 06-Nov-16 15:06:50

I know the feeling. Last yr for my induction I was told to come in at 10am, but had to wait till 10.30pm for my waters to be broken. Was a horrible, frustrating and tiring wait for a delivery room. How will your induction be done? Is this 1st baby?

Mummytogg Sun 06-Nov-16 16:30:18

My induction got moved to the next day lt pregnancy, meant to go in for 9am Monday morning and didn't go in until 2pm Tuesday! Ward was very slow so nothing started for a couple of hours and I gave birth 10am on the Friday. I know it's frustrating but try and rest as much as possible. I got myself so worked up when really I should of relaxed all day. You could possibly be in for a few days before things get moving (however most people I know have quick inductions) and spending so much time on a ward can be tiring in itself. Good luck

Chlandy Sun 06-Nov-16 19:49:59

Thanks for your replies and good wishes ladies! I've been lucky by the sounds and got in tonight, I'm 3-4cm dilated so had a stretch and sweep and said I don't need the pessary, so just waiting for a suite to come available on the labour ward to have my waters broken! Really hope I get to meet my little boy soon smile

Chlandy Sun 06-Nov-16 19:51:03

Oh and yes it is first baby! But I am dreading the wait for delivery suite now as apparently there is a bit of a queue!

SockQueen Sun 06-Nov-16 19:54:43

I had to ring at 8am, got told to come in at 1pm but they were mega-busy with several emergencies and all the other inductions booked for that day were higher risk/priority than me. I finally got my pessary at 1:30am the following day after a very frustrating long wait, but 12 hours later I had DS in my arms and the wait beforehand didn't seem important. Hope things go smoothly for you!

Jodie1982 Sun 06-Nov-16 19:56:49

Oh good luck! Once your waters are broken it'll all start happening. Oooo exciting grin

Mummyme87 Sun 06-Nov-16 21:37:11

Yup it's shit but when there are no beds available.. there are no beds. Your induction can only be commenced when there is a bed for you, a midwife available for you and when it is safe for you, your baby and all other families.

Good luck, stay positive

Chlandy Mon 07-Nov-16 08:37:10

Well I'm still awaiting induction, as still awaiting a bed on delivery for my waters bursting... Does anyone know how long they can leave you for? They won't even examine me to let me know if I'm progressing myself due to risk of infection apparently! Not slept in over 28 hours now really really fed up sad asked if I can go home as I understand if there's emergencies but I'm not even allowed to do that!

Mummyme87 Mon 07-Nov-16 08:54:54

You can't be stopped going home but it wouldn't be advisable otherwise you may lose your slot. You can be left until there is a bed available... try and get some sleep today. I know it's frustrating but your turn will come. When you are in labour there will be women sitting in your position on the ward going through the same as you are now. Hopefully it will happen soon x

Jodie1982 Mon 07-Nov-16 19:57:56

Omg you poor thing that's dreadful.
What hospital are you at? I'd be tempted to go home as well.

Chlandy Mon 07-Nov-16 21:50:07

I'm at Pinderfields and now 29 hours later I'm still waiting for a bed! So beside myself with exhaustion and frustration I totally get emergencies happen but when does the line get drawn that I get taken in? I asked about going home they can't literally refuse me but highly advised against it as I need my baby monitoring due to the reason I was for early induction so I am just sat here! Tried to sleep but with poor women in labour and agony and new born babies on the ward it isn't the easiest (this is not me moaning about them in anyway shape or form, just the reason I'm struggling to sleep) so all in all I've now been awake since 4:30 yesterday morning (41 hours)! Really need a pick me up now sad x

Jodie1982 Mon 07-Nov-16 22:16:11

Can they give you something to help you sleep? Your going to need your energy for the labour and delivery. Bless you, can't imagine how frustrated your feeling.

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