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Are we crazy having three?

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99redballoons Mon 12-Feb-07 11:57:01

It was a big decision for us as we're very comfortable with two and weren't quite sure if we could afford three, but we just couldn't help ourselves and thought we'd just go for it and see if it happened. We thought six months of trying and we'll accept whatever happens. Low and behold we're pregnant the first time of trying (this has never happened before for us, usually atleast 7 months!). So we were surprised but pleasantly so.

Everyone we encounter seems to say "was it planned"..."are you surprised"..."how do you feel about three"... And no-one has just said "how lovely for you".

Is having three really such a brave (?) thing to do? Will having three really change our lives that much? (must admit the money side of it does worry me, but money isn't everything right?!) With all these comments I'm starting to feel like, what have we done?? Was it really the right thing to do? Reassuring comments needed

pageturner Mon 12-Feb-07 11:59:17

Congratulations! Three is great, honest. Expensive, yes, but probably not that much more than two.

I'm sorry you've had negative comments, but sadly I'm not surprised. I was very clear to everyone that I wanted three and yet I still got exactly the same comments as you've had. ignore them, they don't know what they're missing.

scorpio1 Mon 12-Feb-07 11:59:43

my mum got all these comments-i think people assume two is normal, anymore is weird. im ttc dc3!

i think that you will ahve stuff already from other children, so that will cut costs, plus you know hat is nessecary and what is an extra.

i think its fab and well done!!

poppiesinaline Mon 12-Feb-07 12:01:07

we have 3 but the third was our 'bonus baby'

I can say that I think 3 makes a huge difference. But we have a 5 year gap between 2nd and 3rd so we feel like we have 'gone back in time' iyswim

Although we love No 3 dearly (dont get me wrong) and dont regret having him at all, certainly not.... I am yet to see the advantage of 3

But thats just us. We had got to the point where we felt that we had finished our family and ready to move on and enjoy having older kids.... so being whipped back to the baby/toddler stage is a bit annoying.

Plus we are having to buy a new car cos we all cant fit in the one we have.

Holidays are going to be more expensive..

poppiesinaline Mon 12-Feb-07 12:03:24

sorry, reading back my thread seems very doom and gloom...

3 is lovely.... feels more of a 'family'... lots of fun

just for us personally its not what we planned, plus we are not baby/toddler kind of people - we prefer older kids.

I am sure when No 3 gets older we will find it fab fab fab

Dinosaur Mon 12-Feb-07 12:05:42

It is lovely .

Can't imagine life with just DS1 and DS2 now, it would be so quiet and boring!

Gobbledigook Mon 12-Feb-07 12:06:46

Right now, as my 3 under 6's trash my kitchen, I'd say 'yes'!

But no, it's fab....honest

poppiesinaline Mon 12-Feb-07 12:08:28

and plus you get from people

" you have three ?!!"

<<fluffs self up to a very important stance>>

99redballoons Mon 12-Feb-07 12:08:54

Thanks for the comments. Like mentioned I'm sure we'll be fine these first years as we have everything for both a boy and girl, but I'm a little worried about holidays and once they're teenagers. My mum keeps saying not to worry about the future and things will work out, you make them work out. And I guess with holidays we'll just have to plan and keep to a budget. But I am so looking foward to seeing three smiling faces looking back at me (or whiny ones, or ones crying 'muuuuuuuum')

We're lucky in that ours are all two years apart. I know I would find it hard going back to babydom once out. Those sleepless nights are hard, but they get better from 2 don't they!

Glad to hear three is a happy number

Dinosaur Mon 12-Feb-07 12:10:03

I know lots of people with three now - both on mn and in RL - it really is the new two .

99redballoons Mon 12-Feb-07 12:10:25

MrsMar Mon 12-Feb-07 12:10:58

I can't help really with this one, as I'm still working on number one, but a friend of mine did say they didn't notice any difference when their fourth was born!! I had to laugh, I do feel sorry for their poor little girl though, born in to a noisy house of three other kids, and no one really taking any notice of her! I think three is perfect, I'd love to have three but dh is dead set that two is fine. Let's hope this is a single babba, and next time I have twins so I get my way!hahaha!

Olihan Mon 12-Feb-07 12:13:07

We planned to have 3 and still got all the comments. 'You're brave' was the most irritating one!

For me (and I'm only 6 weeks in!) the third has been by far the easiest. He's just slotted in with the other 2 and I'm finding this stage far less stressful than I did with the second. I'm really enjoying it this time, whereas after the 2nd I couldn't wait for the newborn bit to be over.

It is hard work, definitely, but it's nowhere near as bad as i thought it would be. You'll be fine!

poppiesinaline Mon 12-Feb-07 12:14:34

would add that the jump from 1 to 2 I found, harder than the jump from 2 to 3.

maretta Mon 12-Feb-07 12:28:13

Congratulations. Sounds like it's meant to be if it only took a month

When are you due? I'm expecting no. 3 in September. It is going to be expensive - for starters we'll have to get a new car that fits three small children in huge car seats.

I think it will be nice though not to be just mum of 2.

Hallgerda Mon 12-Feb-07 12:35:37

How lovely for you! (I have three, in case you hadn't guessed )

Gobbledigook Mon 12-Feb-07 12:39:45

'they get better from 2 don't they'

Hmm, well my 2.5 year old has just emptied a full, brand new box of rice krispies all over the kitchen floor so.......

99redballoons Mon 12-Feb-07 12:49:03

thanks again for all the great comments.

Due Oct 10th so not long after you maretta. But shhh, cos I'm not supposed to be telling anyone! Only close family know atm.

We have a Corolla Verso, so hoping not to have to change cars! Ds & dd will have to share once bubba is here. We were going to move out of London in a year so I think that'll have to be put on hold now!

Ooooooh, so looking forward to lo arriving now! Thx girls.

99redballoons Mon 12-Feb-07 12:50:12

I think people find it more strange cos we have one of each... but doesn't that just make it easier to have the 3rd??!

Gobbledigook Mon 12-Feb-07 12:51:50

My Mum had one of each and had a third (so had girl, boy, boy) - don't think it was an issue. I have 3 boys - I was never bothered about the gender anyway.

99redballoons Mon 12-Feb-07 12:53:33

Goobledigook.... was talking about sleep getting better from two, but general mayhem definitely gets worse! My eldest, ds, is 3.8, so have no idea when things are supposed to improve on that front!

[having said that my 15mo dd has just tipped her lunch all over the lounge floor whilst I quickly nipped in here to speak to you lot, silly mummy for letting her get at the bowl whilst I was gone!]

Gobbledigook Mon 12-Feb-07 12:54:39

Oh right! I had 3 good sleepers so that wasn't an issue for me (lucky I know). THhy all slept right through from a very early age and we never really suffered in that department!

DumbledoresGirl Mon 12-Feb-07 12:56:15

You think people's comments are bad now? You wait until you are pg with No 4!

99redballoons Mon 12-Feb-07 13:00:11

[Goobledigook, sorry, that wasn't meant to sound off, should have actually written something like, "sorry, was talking about sleep getting better from two, but agree general mayhem definitely gets worse." I know it wasn't clear]

jeangenie Mon 12-Feb-07 13:04:18

how lovely for you

I "only" have 2 and have a secret hankering for 3...

sounds fab to me

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