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Effing Fed up

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sweetchilli77 Fri 04-Nov-16 21:33:20

Bled at 11 week....everything ok

12 week scan....all is well

Massive bleed at 13 week....EPU said probable miscarry......Everything fine

Telephone call, 1-5 for downs.
Going for NIPT tomorrow private.

Bleeding again, brown/red.

Im so anxious and fed up. I have to been able to enjoy this pregnancy one bit. It seems one thing after another. There has just been no let up.

Sorry for being a negative nancy.
Im so fed up and pissed off

drinkyourmilk Fri 04-Nov-16 22:24:03

sweet I'd be fed up and scared too. It sounds like a really stressful pregnancy.
I hope the NiPT test results are what you home for, and the bleeding stops. Might be worth being signed off for a couple of weeks if you are working?

hopeful31yrs Fri 04-Nov-16 22:27:16

Same as ours - IVF pregnancy so much wanted but major bleed at 8 weeks which we thought was MC then 1:5 risk of downs at 12 weeks. NIFTY that night but then detailed scans til 24 weeks to rule out cardiac and skeletal problems. All's well but not really enjoyed pregnancy at all - just felt like I'm getting from one hurdle to another. First pregnancy was plain sailing. Hope NIPT goes well xx

sweetchilli77 Fri 04-Nov-16 23:04:00

im 15 weeks tomorrow. 1st pregnancy.

This sounds odd but i have kind of got my head around the screening test because one way or another i will know, this bleeding is just a nightmare.

EPU are brilliant but no explanation of why. Just a case of let it settle......until next time

Its somewhat reassuring knowing I'm not alone on here

hopeful31yrs Sat 05-Nov-16 04:13:20

I bled for about 2 weeks. Old blood followed - but found out that we had a subchorionic haematoma which explained things but didnt relax us at all. Sorry they can't tell you why you're bleeding .

We had a high NT so hence the risk as well as my age (34). Due to this we had extra scans as this can indicate skeletal and cardiac probs in the abscence of a chromosomal problem. This was reassuring for us esp. in light of the bleeding. We did book an additional reassurance scan purely as a way of getting that bond that most people get on their first scan as we miss d that as things snowballed from there. This was after the NIFTY result btw.

Our nifty came back in 9 days - the clinic told us often they are back in 5 despite being shipped to Hong Kong. We were longer as the fetal DNA in my blood was present but lower so needed further testing which took a few extra days.

You're not alone - and a lot of people with high odds end up with negative results. I was reassured by reading a lot online - some are not. In my add I was worried about the more severe chromosomal problems such as the lethal trisomies - as I said all was clear from that aspect. Major cardiac issues were our next worry.

Nikki2ol6 Sat 05-Nov-16 10:49:11

Hello I just wanted to say I also had 1in5 chance and my amnio was clear m. Good luck

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