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Is Vicks Vapour Rub (or the cheapo Willis knockoff) safe to use?

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SuperManStoleMyPants Fri 04-Nov-16 16:08:36

8+3 weeks and suffering from a rotten cold. Coughing up disgusting yellow phlegm and have a hacking cough which is making me more sick than usual...

Please tell me Vicks (or the knockoff) is safe to use. I need something to relieve this cold.

Heirhelp Fri 04-Nov-16 18:28:31

It sounds like you need antibiotics. Your immune system is suppressed in pregnancy.

MauiChristmas Fri 04-Nov-16 18:46:56

I was told not to use that kind of product by a pharmacist. Really annoying sad

SuperManStoleMyPants Fri 04-Nov-16 19:26:36

I don't think I'm at the antibiotics stage yet. Just feeling completely and utterly rotten. I could actually cry. I'm getting so little sleep as I'm coughing all night and I'm exhausted due to pregnancy anyway.

Do you think I could do steam breathing with it? Then it's not being absorbed into the skin?

Nikki2ol6 Fri 04-Nov-16 19:59:24

I craved the smell of that in my sons pregnancy and had no idea it was recommended not to use it. I sniffed it the whole way through like a glue addict sniffing glue and my little boy is fine

MrsDallowaySaid Fri 04-Nov-16 20:02:16

I just googled and it says it is safe for mums-to-be... Thankfully, as I have been using it every night!

sharon2016 Fri 04-Nov-16 21:23:32

I've read that any menthol type product isn't safe to use as it restricts the blood vessels. Try stick to hot water honey and lemon if you can. Breathing a boil of steamed water should still help congestion a bit X

Vanillaradio Fri 04-Nov-16 21:58:45

I had a bad cold during pregnancy and Vicks vapour rub was literally the only thing the pharmacist would sell me........

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