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Emotional and fed up!!

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TinyHumanJan17 Fri 04-Nov-16 08:41:03

I'm 30+5 with ds1, i really cannot wait to have a baby; but i dont know how much more of pregnancy i can take to be honest! I feel really bad because i know most women say it's amazing and they love it but i honestly really don't. He seems to be awake all the time and has been head down for about a month now so is constantly either hitting my bladder or lady parts with his head or my ribs with his feet. It's making everything really difficult; sometimes i'm struggling to walk properly because of how low he is; getting to sleep on a night is horrendous and if i wake up for any reason (which i do every night cos u can guarantee 3am ill need to pee!) most days i don't end up being able to get back to sleep. This means i'm exhausted all the time. I seem to be getting braxton hicks quite alot this week and theyre becoming more uncomfortable. I literally just keep bursting into tears and told oh last night i dont know how ill cope if hes late and i have to do another 11 weeks of this. But i find it hard to talk to my family; i took an od a few years ago and so anytime i say im struggling to cope they understandably freak out and then they spend all their time watching me like a hawk so i get frustrated that i sometimes just want some peace and quiet.

Sorry for the little rant but i really needed to get it off my chest and maybe get some advice on how to cope for potentially the next 11 weeks!?!

Saku Fri 04-Nov-16 09:14:05

I am 33 weeks... with 2nd ... and have DS1 also.. . I also have very disturbed nights... and yes kicks on ribs.. but I dont feel terrible....coz simply avoid thinking the boredom or bad things.. (may be sometimes when DS1 also want my attention and become clingy to me feel frustrated)
I choose to think good things.. and that these moments are going to be my life time experience.. and I want to enjoy these little kicks.. ease and treat yourself with legs up on table .. put them in warm salty water bucket...
by that time you can read some baby books about baby sleep, tantrum, colic and feed ... these will keep you busy from negative thoughts as well as you will be well prepared to face these situations when baby will actually arrive..
talk to your close ones and partner also how you feel.. and about nursery .. cots and other future little things... these give confidence and assurance to go further weeks in pregnancy... and your partner will feel also involved and actually you get him to think about it and for you.. smile

DoubleCarrick Fri 04-Nov-16 09:21:29

I think you're due the same time as me. Also feeling like shit both physically and mentally. Can't type.more as I'm working but come and find our positivity thread. Its called 'hear me out'

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