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Anyone had implantation and what was it like?

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Mumbutler Thu 03-Nov-16 14:40:33

Five days before my period was due (today) I experienced little blobs of brown discharge this then turned to pink then brown not enough to fill pad and was a bit watery had some snot like jelly discharge this lasted for three days I have tested today and I swear I see a faint line (posted on another thread they said to wait few days then test again) also breasts sore and are leaking also. I have hardly had any pains with the bleeding but the majority are in my back and my right side. Wondering if anyone experienced this or something similar before getting a bfp! If so what did you experience, how long for and when did you test and get your bfp! Did you have any negative before bfp. Sorry for the long post just don't understand whats going on with my body lately. Anything much appreciated.. smile thank you! I would add a picture of the discharge I had but not sure many would want to see it.

Sunshineonacloudyday Thu 03-Nov-16 18:15:43

Have you gone off food as well. Sore breasts is what I experienced with my son. As you know the light bleeding. I didn't experience that with the girls. Food was sickly to me when I had the girls.

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