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Spotting - 5+4 weeks (TMI alert!)

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celizabe Thu 03-Nov-16 09:28:06

I'm around 5 +4 weeks pregnant and last night started to get some brown spotting. It's kind of similar to EWCM but brown. I did get the same around the time I would have gotten my period (assumed it was implantation after the BFP) but now this a couple of weeks later.

I've had two miscarriages back to back so I'm really nervous this is the start of another one. I have a call into the GP to see if I can get a referral to the EPU.

Have any of you had the same thing? & did you manage to get a referral to the EPU?

I'm terrified that they'll fob me off and tell me to wait & see....

Wombletor Thu 03-Nov-16 10:03:19

I'm having exactly the same spotting I'm 5+5. I can't stop thinking the worse. Can you self refer to your local epy? Give them a call and ask, considering your previous MCs they'll see you. I have an appt on Monday, just worried it'll be over by then :-(

Trying to be positive is hard, but I've read about so many women who have the same spotting and everything has continued as normal. Let's hope for the best.

Take care

celizabe Thu 03-Nov-16 10:13:12

Hi Womble, thanks so much for the reply. Unfortunately, my EPU won't take self referrals (even with 2 miscarriages) so I'll have to wait for the GP to call back. I'm not even sure they'll refer this early.

Sorry to hear you're in the same boat. I hope it works out fine for both of us. Like you said, hopefully nothing... But isn't the wait just an absolute b1tch??!!

Wombletor Thu 03-Nov-16 10:29:42

Hi Celizabe

The wait is a complete b#$ch! I hope you get a call back an appt soon.

I hate limbo land, if its going to end, I wish it would be quick! I need to stop googling too!

The general consensus is that brown is OK. Its old blood etc etc. Have you got any cramps or lower back pain? If its painless spotting, its a good sign.

Chemistria Thu 03-Nov-16 10:40:27


my OH had constant spotting from week 5 ish to week 12 - started off brownish sometimes reddish orange or black bits.

it was very scary but everything is fine physically and she's now 14+ weeks. hope youre ok x

celizabe Thu 03-Nov-16 10:42:34

Thank you both, hate to think of anyone else in the same position but nice to hear some positive outcomes!

Just twingy, stabby aches more than pain, but nothing in my back and I couldn't even really call them cramps.

Hopefully GP will call me back soon!!

Chemistria Thu 03-Nov-16 13:19:21

I should have added my OH also got twinges and sometimes mild crampy pains.

As she had IVF several scans showed a subchronic hematoma, small but they are thinking that is what caused the bleeding.

Also during my first pregnancy I had a small subchronic hematoma and was told to expect bleeding, luckily it never happened but that would probably have been the reason x

Wombletor Thu 03-Nov-16 14:08:54

Thanks for that Chemistria :-) Glad all is well with your OH's pregnancy.

celizabe Thu 03-Nov-16 15:10:38

Thanks for the info Chem, so glad to hear your OH is doing well.

I've just heard back from the GP and she's arranged an appointment at the EPU for Monday lunchtime. It's going to be a long weekend but it feels great to be taken seriously.

She did warn me that 6 weeks might be a little too early to determine viability but at least I can get it confirmed that the embryo is in the right place and not in a tube or elsewhere!

Hope your scan goes well on Monday too, Womble x

Wombletor Thu 03-Nov-16 17:10:11

That's good news celizabe. I hope it goes well and the spotting spots. Take care x

Chemistria Thu 03-Nov-16 17:26:51

Womble and Celiza fingers crossed it goes well for you both.

Also, I know (from friends and family) many more people who have had spotting in early pregnancy than have had a MC. X

jpeg28 Thu 03-Nov-16 18:19:13

Hi, I had brown spotting from week 5-8 and a red bleed in the middle. I had had a MC a few months before so I was petrified!! I managed to get an EPU referral because I was also in extreme pain! Turns out everything was fine and I'm now 16+2... I was convinced it was another MC.
Glad you have an EPU appointment, they may see a sac or could tell from your hcg and progesterone if it's viable. When I went in the first time at 5 weeks they said it was viable but I still didn't believe them and ended up having another scan 10 days later and then a private one at 7 weeks!
Everything crossed that all is ok for you. X

celizabe Thu 03-Nov-16 21:44:20

Thanks jpeg & Chem, really appreciate some words of encouragement at the mo!!

Wombletor Fri 04-Nov-16 07:47:36

How are you today Celizabe?

celizabe Fri 04-Nov-16 08:04:10

Hi Womble, thanks for checking in? Sticking with my theme of TMI smile, I had some EWCM last night but no more spotting so far, although am a little crampy, so it's definitely going to be a long wait to Monday...

How are you feeling today? Any change?

Wombletor Fri 04-Nov-16 08:31:14

I thought it had settled yesterday, but there was a little this morning :-( I feel crampy too plus back ache, not sure if it's wind though! shock I'm not feeling very positive today tbh. Glad your spotting has stopped. Roll on Monday!

celizabe Fri 04-Nov-16 08:45:11

Aw Womble, I'm sorry. It's so hard to stay positive when there's so much worry floating around! All we can do is cross our fingers which is so bloody frustrating, it's a balls having no control.
Hope a good burp makes you feel better grin. Keep the posts up too, not a lot anyone can do, but we're in the same waiting boat!!

Wombletor Fri 04-Nov-16 09:59:00

Thanks Celizabe, its nice to have this support x

Chemistria Sat 05-Nov-16 10:16:22

how are you 2 today x

Wombletor Sun 06-Nov-16 11:17:34

Chemistria, I am OK thanks, had friends to stay this weekend and it has been a great distraction. I'm still having beigeish spotting, but I did a test which was much darker than last week so I'm hoping its a good sign.

How are you celizabe?

Glad everything turned out OK for you jpeg. It's reassuring to hear experiences like that.

jpeg28 Sun 06-Nov-16 12:22:57

Glad things have got better wombler... it does sound like all is ok, especially as the line is darker. Everything crossed for you.

jpeg28 Sun 06-Nov-16 12:23:19

Sorry wombletor not wombler!

celizabe Mon 07-Nov-16 06:12:11

Morning girls, how is everyone feeling this morning. Same as you Womble, had a little spotting yesterday but did a test and it's very dark. Having the scan at 12 so am crossing everything I have!! Good luck with yours today too

Wombletor Mon 07-Nov-16 10:18:49

Morning everyone

Glad you are OK celizabe, its reassuring that your test us darker. I bet you can't wait for tomorrow.

I had my scan this morning, there is a regular pregnancy sac with a tiny flicker inside. I was hoping to see a fetal pole, but the consultant said that she is hopeful, and has booked me another appointment for next Tuesday. Despite the worry it was a lovely appointment as I knew the consultant and nurse from my previous pregnancy and previous MCs. They said the beige spotting was nothing to be concerned about, and overall they agreed its not over yet, and I should feel neutral about it. My husband felt is was positive ( he's a jolly old soul) and I feel a lot calmer.

celizabe Mon 07-Nov-16 10:57:23

Oh Womble, I'm so glad for you. It must be hopeful for you to have seen a flicker smile.
My appointment is in an hour, so, hopefully, I'll have a similar result to you.

Chem sorry, just realised I never replied - not doing too bad. How are you?

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