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Falling during pregnancy

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Jellybean91 Wed 02-Nov-16 15:26:21

Hello ladies,
In 26+2 today and
I've slipped down some stairs at home today, about three stairs, and landed on my butt.
I've read that falling is normal and you'd have to suffer a real bad injury before any harm would come to baby.
I'm currently sitting down and relaxing, and I'm sure I've felt baby kick me. I just want to know have you ladies fallen before? How did you react? Would you recommend calling NHS and asking advice ?

Any info would be much appreciated! This is my 2nd pregnancy after miscarrying earlier this year so I'm super nervous about everything I do!

onthemetro Wed 02-Nov-16 15:37:25

I'm 38 weeks and have fallen twice. Once in the street, facedown, when I was about 17 weeks and I went into the antenatal clinic because I was really shaken and though I felt ok I was terrified that the baby wasn't (hadn't started feeling her kick yet so had no idea). TBH in hindsight i didn't need to go in but i was so anxious about it I wouldn't have been able to stop worrying otherwise.

Second time was more serious, I fell down a whole flight of stairs, blacked out, sprained my wrist and ankle, had to have a CT scan after not being able to talk or see properly...that time we went to a&e but the maternity people came over to scan me and make sure everything was ok.

I was 29 weeks then and if you forget everything else, I would have gone in because I couldn't feel baby move and I had abdominal pain.

I think if you feel ok, have felt baby move as normal and you're not bleeding or in pain then there's probably no need to go in because they are reeeeally well protected in there. But if you're anxious, baby's movement patterns are different or you're in pain then go in. Even if you're just anxious about it. It's horrible falling when pregnant and they will never make you feel like you're overreacting for going in for a check (that was always my worry)

SquedgieBeckenheim Wed 02-Nov-16 15:41:47

I fell heavily onto my stomach when I was about 28 weeks with DD. (Dog pulled me over). I ended up going in and being put on a monitor because I had tenderness over my bump after it. DD was fine.
If you're worried call your midwife. Be vigilant for any change in movements. By risk is lower as the impact was on your bum!

Nikki2ol6 Wed 02-Nov-16 15:53:56

I fell down the stairs on my bum at 16 wks and rang maternity unit and they didn't even want to see me said baby would be fine. He's 6 now

And with my 20month old I slippped in the snow and grazed my knee! I was heavily pregnant then like 35wks and he's fine too

oatybiscuits Wed 02-Nov-16 15:58:59

I fell off a ladder when I was 7 weeks hmmI called the epu who weren't too impressed because I wasn't in pain or bleeding but if you have any concerns at all it's best to have them allayed by a midwife, they are used to daft questions!

Imavinoops Wed 02-Nov-16 16:17:54

I bumped down 3 stairs on my bottom last week! Other than a really straight bruise on my bump where I had hit the edge it was all fine, had a cuddle from DP who reassured me that it's all probably fine and we will keep and eye on Dds kicks and make sure nothing has changed.
Nothing did change and she kicks all the time still reminding me she is alright grin
I'm 22 weeks today if that helps though, only just started growing my belly so I think balance has all gone bit strange!

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