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Need advice on redundancy / maternity leave

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Silverspoon83 Tue 01-Nov-16 13:19:22

Hi all, I'm in a bit of a strange situation so bear with me while I explain!

When I was around 12 weeks pregnant I was put on risk of redundancy - my team was dissolved so wasn't performance related. Was offered a fair payout but felt it would be better for me to have a job and take maternity than take the payout so I agreed a part time position with them in a nother department. The trial lasts six months and ends at the end of January 2017. My maternity would BEGIN at the end of January 2017 if I were to stay with the company and I'm opting for 1 year maternity.

Thing is, I'm not liking this role at all and feel unsupported (I've felt like this for years with this company however). I'm told that if either party don't think the trial new role is going well then I will be put on risk of redundancy again and we would have another meeting to work out the best thing to do. I BELIEVE the original payout offer would be available which would be good as it would cover the period of time I would be off on 'maternity' as I couldn't claim any mat pay (as I'd have left the company).

I'm now 26 weeks pregnant and feeling so stressed about this situation and the role I have and want to see if the gp will give me some time off with pregnancy-related stress. I want to be as healthy mentally and physically as I can be and right now I'm getting depressed and stressed every day.

I wanted to know if anyone has any HR experience and knows what would happen if I took some time off sick now?

Also, any opinions on if I should leave and take the possible payout end of Jan 17 (and then have no mat pay) or whether I should stick it out (if they will keep me on) and have a job to return to when I finish my maternity leave?

I'm so confused and I think any support from you guys will be so helpful and make me see things more clearly.

Thanks xxx

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