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Cravings! .. Boy or girl?

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user1466632763 Mon 31-Oct-16 21:14:02

Hello everyone,

Hope you're all doing well smile

I'm just over 11 weeks pregnant and I've been sick on and off for a couple of weeks now but hopefully it's easing off!

I've been loving oranges, lemon water, Apple juice, orange juice, tuna sandwiches, tuna with pasta and pesto, tomatoes, raw carrot sticks! Some sweets now and again.

I've really gone off red meat, coffee (decaf) and chocolate! They are usually my two fav!!

I also love really tangy vinagery crisps.

What has everyone else got a love / craving for? X

Touchmybum Mon 31-Oct-16 21:21:53

Mandarin oranges/clementines with my daughters; cheeseburgers with my son.

haveacupoftea Mon 31-Oct-16 21:48:10

I'm also obsessed with mandarins and clementines, i could eat a bag per day! only at 8+5 so wont know for ages yet what im having.

Mamabear14 Mon 31-Oct-16 21:52:09

Satsumas and pasties with DS1, lemonade with DS2 and fruit water and plums with DD

user1466632763 Mon 31-Oct-16 21:53:29

Me too! I'm exactly the same, I have at least 3 clementines by my bed so I can snack on them during the night or when I wake up super early!

If I feel slightly sick a clementine really calms it down.

Everything I'm reading says fruit is usually a girl, but I'm not sure.

This is my first pregnancy smile

How are you both feeling

SleightOfMind Mon 31-Oct-16 21:56:18

Not so much cravings but my body hair pretty much stopped growing with DD. Hardly had to shave legs at all.
Was hairier when carrying the boys though.

user1466632763 Mon 31-Oct-16 22:40:20

That's really interesting sleightofmind!

I shaved Friday night and only just having very spare hairs growing back.. I was thinking this evening I could get away with not shaving for longer.

I normally have to shave all the time

BikeRunSki Mon 31-Oct-16 22:43:05

I craved tuna, strong cheese and marmite in both pg, and have one girl and one boy.

cantmakeme Mon 31-Oct-16 23:30:08

Hmmmm... last time I was as hairy as ever, and I craved cherries and berries. I had a girl.

This time, I am hairy as ever, craving grapes. Will find out in April, so not for a while!

Mummytogg Tue 01-Nov-16 10:45:14

Mine was very similar to yours last time and I had a boy.

This time it's carbs-toast, pasta, rice and sweets! Plus a little fruit! We are yet to find out!

Ilovenannyplum Tue 01-Nov-16 10:49:47

Caramel everything, chip shop chips and Capri suns with DS

(although not together I should add)

rachelamy Tue 01-Nov-16 11:14:32

i was never bothered about chocolate but can't stop eating it and thinking about it now! im having a girl smile

Fruitellaz Tue 01-Nov-16 11:16:57

White chocolate, big macs and cookies with DS

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